Position Title:

Middle School Woodworking Teacher        

Position Classification

Full-time (10 months), Faculty, Salaried Exempt


General hours for this position will coincide with the daily schedule of the Middle School.  Typical schedule is 7:45AM - 4PM depending on duties. The position will begin August , 2018.

Reports to:

Head of Middle School


Position Summary:

St. Christopher's School seeks a Woodworking teacher for its Middle School Division.  

All Middle School boys take a required 12-week Intro to Woodworking class in either 6th or 7th grade.  In 8th grade, the boys have the option of taking a trimester elective Woodworking class that enables them to work in more detail, having already acquired basic skills in 6th or 7th grade.  

Woodworking is a branch of the Fine Arts Program. The course material progresses from one level to the next with each designed to broaden the base of knowledge and skills, thereby equipping each student to explore woodworking in an increasingly independent and creative way. At each level, there are four areas of study. These include: wood as a material--its makeup, working characteristics, and limitations; design, drawing, and planning skills; methods of hand tool and machine use; surface preparation and finishing.

Class sizes are limited to fewer than 12 students in order to keep a necessary ratio to ensure safety and personal instruction. The total number of classes that meet daily will average four per trimester.

The role will include other duties expected of full-time faculty members at St. Christopher’s.  These duties may include advising, coaching, study hall proctoring, recess duty, and leading other extracurricular activities as needed throughout the School.  

The role will include working closely with the Upper School Woodworking teacher who will share shop space with the Middle School classes. 

Qualifications & Key Skills: 

Formal training as a furniture-maker. Masters preferred. To include:


Additional Information: Candidates interested in pursuing this position should send a cover letter, resume, and reference contact information to:


Applications deadline is Friday, February 16, 2018.

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