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Information for Guest / Guest Guideline

•Check in hour is 15:00 – 22:30.

•Check out time is 11:00. Late Check out fee is $100 per hour per guest.

•Capsule is pre-assigned. $100 assignment fee will be charged if the guest request for specific capsule.

•The safe in the capsule is currently under maintenance. Please do NOT use it or your valuables may not be retrievable.

•Shampoo and body wash are provided in the shower room. Other showing supply can be purchased at the front desk.

•Each capsule is for single use. For any violation, hotel has the right to terminate the service.

•Lost card key replacement is $300.

•Capsule floor and area is for hotel guest only. Visitors are only allowed in lobby area (8F) and will be asked to leave by 23:00.

•No smoking at the whole building. Any violation will incurre $12000 fine.

•No food or drink (except water) is allowed in each room. Please enjoy your food in the lobby on 8F.

•Please switch your phone to silence/vibration mode after 22:00 in consideration of other guests.

•Please take care of your valuable belongings.

•The hotel will not be responsible for storing personal bicycle for guest.

•Clean service for long-term guest is every 10 days. Please inform the front desk for clean service.

•For guest under 20 years old, guardian is required to sign the guardian form.

•Cleaning service runs from 9:00 to 18:00. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

•For guest arriving earlier than check-in hour, the hotel provides free luggage storage.

•Hotel provides fee $50/hour/per luggage storage on the check-out day till 15:00. For luggage storage after 15:00, $100 will be charged per hour per piece.

•Capsule TV service is $50 per day and $100 for remote control deposit.

•Any illegal activity is prohibited.

•Please refer to lost and key service desk for any lost item.

•For any violation of above guideline, hotel reserves the right to refuse service and charge for damage.