June 17, 2019 Oak Hill Meeting

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm

Welcome & Introduction

II. Several corrections were made to the minutes from last month

III.   HOA Dues Update: 3 neighbors have not paid as of 6/17/2019. One usually pays but is late this year in letting us know when to expect payment. The other two, have liens on their property.

IV.   Bank Numbers  – Bills paid through 6/21/2019

a.       Checking Account: $x,679.76

Money Market: $xxx,456.45


b.      Banking Update - the change over in banks has gone smoothly for the most part. Karen has had to work with the bank’s customer service and IT departments to get a few transactions completed but going forward things should be ok.

V.       Social Upcoming Events - Looking into doing a Christmas event, where people could sign up and pay to have a horse and buggy come by your house and pick you up and give rides around the neighborhood, ending with pictures with Santa along with cookies and hot cocoa.

a.       Pool Party - Pool party was a success! We had a lot of people attend again this year.

b.      Rudy’s Patio Party - Will be canceled for Friday June 21, 2019 because of the Lenexa BBQ weekend. This was not realized at the time that this date was selected. It will be rescheduled for a later weekend (TBD)

VI.    Pool Stuff:

a.       Furniture – All the furniture has arrived. Mike Haynes assisted with assembling all of it.  We will look to replace some of the lounge chairs next year because the straps are going bad.

b.      Pool Codes – The pool codes are working well, a lot more efficiently than in past years when we distributed the pool bands. The main factor this year is households emailing to inquire what their pool code is. This has required a lot of response emails being sent.

c.       Pool House Update – We are going to paint in September, due to it being our busy time of year with the pool right now.

d.      Cement -  The cement around the pool area will have to be addressed within the next two years or so.

e.  Pool Repair - Attorney Information; We talked to an attorney -  David Kateuz regarding Mid America Pool Renovations. David suggested we talk to the company that gave Mid America the supplies and we go out and get bids to see how much it would cost to fix what is wrong. Tia is going to call the company that provided the product to Mid America Pool Renovation and ask them what companies are allowed to do warranty work for them.

f. Pool Pump - The pump, located in the pump house needs to be replaced, we are looking into that repair.

VII.    Beautification

a.       Work in Progress – Kathleen pointed out that Randy has done great work with regards to beautification. The plants around the pool monument are native plants and will take several years to blossom, for the time being it looks like a work in progress. Randy put in a butterfly garden where the berm is next to the monument. The rock that was in the pool parking lot has been distributed to the appropriate islands. Several trees on 79th that were planted a few years ago were never watered and as a result they have died and need to be pulled.

        i. Beautification Complaint - A neighbor complained that they weren’t aware that they needed to keep treating their trees every two years.

VIII. Irrigation - We have not used the irrigation system yet this year. We do have a leak in the line near 79th street and Lackman Rd. We received an estimate from Hermes to replace the leaking pipe and some sprinkler heads for $1700. Mike would like to replace some of the sprinkler heads down by the pool - that water the monuments replaced.

IX.      Website Update -  Mary Katherine is going to start sending out emails on behalf of the HOA.

  1. Directory - No updates at this time.

X.       Complaints  - A neighbor called to complain that an old rusty truck along with several cars are always parked in the street. Karnen P. told them to call the city.    

XI.       New Business - None

XII.      Next Meeting Date - The board will take the summer off and meet back in September of 2019.

XIII.   Adjourn - Motion made by Susan to adjourn meeting at 9:05 pm, board 2nd.