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Come help Megaphone TV transform television!

Megaphone TV creates "play along with the show" interactive television and streaming content. Our Emmy-winning technology powers audience-participation experiences such as gaming, polls, and live quizzes for top networks and TV shows. Megaphone TV is live on AMC's Talking Dead, Bravo's Watch What Happens Live!, Rogers SportsNet, CNN International, Rooster Teeth, and dozens of local news stations, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. We bring television to life by putting home viewers right into the show.

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Your Opportunity

Join our elite team of expert developers creating world-class software for national and local television shows. Megaphone TV is well established, but still has huge opportunities for growth and career development as we expand in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

As Front-end Web Developer you'll be responsible for:

Required Skills:

Bonus Skills:

Your typical day at Megaphone TV:

09:00 Brew coffee, check new emails and tickets

09:05 New task assigned: Customize graphics of Megaphone voting app for a TV show

09:10 Accept production ticket

09:15 Download Photoshop mockups from the design team

09:20 Start implementing customer graphics ("theme") with HTML/CSS

10:55 Commit your code

11:00 Product meeting: Talk about new feature requirements with the team

12:00 Get some food, refill the coffee pot, put on some Netflix. Read article on latest Angular release.

13:00 Receive a request to deploy Megaphone for a customer

13:02 Upload files to S3

13:05 Take laundry out of dryer

13:10 Resume implementing customer theme

14:30 Test on iOS, Android, Windows Chrome, and Mac Safari

14:45 Commit and build customer-theme code

14:55 Set production-ticket status to "Ready for Review"

14:56 Deploy theme to be reviewed

15:00 Start prototyping new product feature

16:30 Code review with senior developer

16:45 Commit your feature code

16:50 Book prototype-review meeting with product management

17:05 Walk the dog

23:00 Get a good sleep because tomorrow you'll be fixing an issue reported to support, deciding how to build a custom quiz, determining the "level of effort" for a new customer request, testing a new release of Megaphone's CMS, working on a customer theme, and expanding on your feature prototype!

Sound exciting? It is!


Although this is a work-from-home position, we prefer candidates from the Greater Toronto Area as we occasionally meet up for work-related and social activities.


We're looking for a rising star eager to make a mark on an exciting mainstream product. If that's you, please contact:

Emerson Stewart

Senior User Interface Developer