Essential Standards Chart:  What is it we expect students to learn?  








Abram Felch

Crystal Duce

Shanda Allen

Standard Description

Example Rigor

Prerequisite Skills



When Taught?

Extension Standards

What is the essential standard to be learned?  Describe in student-friendly vocabulary.

What does proficient student work look like?  Provide an example and/or description.

What prior knowledge, skills, and/or vocabulary is/are needed for a student to master this standard?

What assessment(s) will be used to measure student mastery?

When will this standard

be taught?

What will we do when students have learned the essential standard(s)?

R.L.5.4/R.I.5.4;  I can determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text.

-2016-17 Big Rock Context clues assessment.  

-Be able to read word parts (phonics)

-Identify prefixes, suffixes, and root words

-Identify unknown words (not skip them).

-Use a dictionary/ Thesarus

-2016-17 Big Rock Context clues assessment. (Tweaked)


-Harder Domain Specific Vocabulary

RL.5.1/RI.5.1: I can quote accurately from a text when answering a question or making an inference.

Answers will:

-Starts with a text talker.

-States the title of the text.

-Uses quotations correctly.

-Answers the question.

-Find examples in a text

TBD (ReadyGen Questions/tests)



RI.5.2: Determine the Main Idea and supporting details of a text.

-2016-17 Big Rock Main Idea Assessment.

-Differentiate between main idea and key details in a paragraph.

-Summarize a text

-Use details in chronological order.


-Supporting Details

-Main Idea/Central Idea

-2016-17 Big Rock Main Idea Assessment. (Add a rubric)


-Central Idea of a larger text.

RL.5.3/RI.5.3: I can compare and contrast characters, settings, events, and ideas/concepts in 2 texts.

  1. Create Double-bubble Map using 2 different texts.
  2. Answer questions using map using compare and contrast terms.

TBD (rubric or not?)

Compare and contrast characters, settings, events, and ideas/concepts in 1 text.

TBD (ReadyGen)


-Compare and Contrast more than 2 texts or different types of text (memoir vs. fiction)

-Compare and Contrast different mediums (video, picture, book)

Buffum/Mattos/Weber, 2011