iNFORMATION brochure For Newly Admitted Students 2019

Published By Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

 Date of Publication: 11/07/2019

Malda College

Since 1944

NAAC Accredited (Grade B)

Official Email:

Administrator’s Column

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all the aspiring students to Malda College in its Platinum Jubilee Year. Since its inception the college has been playing a great role in changing the academic and cultural prospect of this district and adjacent areas. Malda College has sufficient digital and physical infrastructure to cater to all the possible academic needs of the students. The team of experienced, dedicated teachers and support staff are always there to help the students in every possible way. The 75 glorious years of academic journey is in itself a proof of wisdom and excellence the college has attained. Credits must be given to the Principal and all the staff of Malda College for their sincere efforts in making a healthy academic atmosphere in the college. I hope that the upcoming years will bring joy and prosperity in the lives of all of you. I wish you all every success in life.

Mr Kaushik Bhattacharya, IAS

District Magistrate, Malda


Administrator, Malda college

Principal’s Column

“The Future Depends on What We Do in the Present” - Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Students and Parents,

As we prepare for the future endeavor, it gives me immense pleasure to welcome all the students of 1st Semester of Malda College for the academic year 2019-20.

Malda College is one of the pioneer NAAC accredited, Govt. sponsored higher education institutions of West Bengal. Malda College is now celebrating its 75 years of glorious academic journey.

We, at Malda College, strive to develop the unique individuality of each student, give the students the right kind of help and support. We give utmost importance to make discipline a core value, and to initiate all round development through well-structured Curriculum, well-planned Academic Calendar, continuous internal evaluation  through descriptive as well as online MCQ class test and various co-curricular activities: Sports, NSS & NCC, Inter departmental Model Exhibition & Competition, Wall Magazine, Cultural Programme, Debate  & quiz Competition and many more.

The upcoming academic session is of great importance for Malda College as we are going to face NAAC visit for the re-accreditation of the college from the perspective of quality education. Our sole mission is to enhance the quality of education and to ensure the students’ attendance in the college. With these aims in mind, we give more emphasis to innovative teaching learning practices and the use of ICT in teaching learning methods. We have already implemented various innovative ideas such as music therapy, motivational lectures, student seminar, classes by successful alumni, departmental & central guardians meet at regular intervals, online attendance, various outreach programmes etc. We also provide well-structured and transparent online Feedback mechanism. Students can also inform their grievances through a platform at anytime, anywhere.

The college is now introducing well planned curriculum for Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) under University of Gour Banga. The purpose of this initiative is clearly to make a student-centric teaching-learning system. To cope with this new system, every department in the college have already started departmental websites containing handy information for the students regarding syllabus, lesson plans, class routines, academic calendars and other academic affairs and so on. Every faculty member owns personal website which is linked to the respective departmental websites for the convenience of the students.

I want to assure you that the College Administration, our team of experienced, dedicated teachers and support staff  are doing their best to give  the students required edge to make their mark in this global world. I cordially seek the whole hearted support and cooperation from all the stakeholders of Malda College for upliftment of this college and to turn the college into a Centre of Excellence.

I, on behalf of Malda College, welcome all the students and wish you all the best for achieving greater success and attaining new heights in the coming session.

Let the upcoming academic journey at Malda College be a journey of learning, success   and good memories.

With warm wishes

Dr Manas Kumar Baidya

Principal, Malda College, Malda

IQAC Coodinator’s Column

Dear students,

Welcome to Malda College. You have just begun a very important journey of your life, the journey of higher education. The next three years are going to be the make or break years. You can make these three years enjoyable by focusing on your education and overall development or you can “enjoy college life” for three or more years. If you sweat it out for three years you will reap its fruits for the rest of your life and if you “enjoy college life” for a few years you will have to sweat it out for the rest of your life. The choice is yours.

It may sound rude and you may think, what are teachers here for? If I make a mistake they should correct me. True, teachers and staff of Malda College are always there to guide you. However, of the many new things that you will experience in College, one is FREEDOM. Freedom is a double edged sword and it comes with a price: RESPONSIBILITY.  Without responsibility freedom has only one edge, the one against you.

Like in any other journey, your progress will be hampered severely if you are carrying a heavy burden. One of the heaviest burdens you can carry at this phase of your life is REGRET. So pause for a moment and see if you have any regrets. Maybe, you wanted to study something else or at some other place. I have seen students ruin their career with this regret. If you are carrying one, drop it immediately. Malda College may have drawbacks, but if you want, the resources  available at Malda College is more than adequate for your needs and with these resources our students have placed themselves in good positions throughout the globe.

Let me elaborate, Malda College has a certain disadvantage due to location and has more students than what its limited resources can nourish in a healthy manner. However, in this age, where almost everyone has a smart phone and data is available at a very reasonable price, these disadvantages can be easily overcome. Almost all the knowledge of the world exists in your smartphone.  Are you smart enough to use it to your advantage?

Today it’s not the lack of information that is a problem. It’s the unmanageable surplus of information that has to be tackled carefully. On this front, the websites of the teachers and departments will come to your aid. The College encourages its teachers to share useful links and information on their website. However, if you need more help please feel free to approach the concerned teachers. They will be glad to help you.

All the teachers have a lesson map on their website. The learning outcomes for all courses is also available on the departments’ / teachers’ website.  Using these you will know what will be taught in which class and what you will have learned at the end of the class.  Now if you want, using the books from library and the digital resources from internet you can prepare yourself for the class in advance. If you do this, the classroom interactions with teachers can be used to clarify the doubts.  This will not only help you to learn the subject properly, it will develop your confidence and break you free from the shackles of “private tuitions” A large collection of lectures from all over the world and from the best of the intuitions are available online for free. MIT, Yale, Stanford, name a good institution and you will surely find their classrooms videos along with other materials.  Are you going to use it? The choice is yours. If you have a problem in understanding the American/ European accent then a large number of lectures in Indian accent are available on NPTL and SWAYAM. Google it and you will more what you can learn in three years.

Before concluding, I place an appeal from the Coordinator’s desk. Let’s adopt a mission “GO GREEN” and function in such a way as to make the earth a better place to live in. Starting with our immediate surroundings let’s begin. However small our actions may be it will make a difference. The second appeal is that you will utilize the online learning resources with the guidance of your byteachers and will not waste any more time on the so called social media.

Good luck and bon voyage

Dr. Akhileshwar Prasad

IQAC Coordinator.




It is mandatory to maintain minimum 75% attendance in each subject in every semester.





We have three boys hostels namely Sukanta Chhatrabas, Vidyasagar Chhatrabas, Jitu Chhatrabas (for ST students) and one girls hostel namely Matongini Hazra Chhatri Nibas.


Name of Hostel

Sukanta Chhatrabas

Vidyasagar Chhatrabas



Matongini Hazra Chhatri Nibas




Boys (for ST students)


Name of Hostel- Superintendent

Mr. Ataur Rahaman

Mr. Kankan Sarkar

Mr. Jagdip K. Chowhan

Ms. Kaberi Ghosh

Total Capacity





Criteria for Admission

On the basis of Distance & Merit Marks as calculated at the time of admission. The College authority may use its discretion for extraordinary students.

Fees Structure:

Hostel admission fees without fooding for the students admitted in the session 2019-20 is as follows. The cost of fooding will be borne by the students as per the actual cost incurred. Menu is decided by the students.


1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

Annual Fees

(Pay at a time)

Rs. 8000/-

Rs. 8000/-

Rs. 8000/-

Note: The above mentioned fees structure is subject to change if the situation so demands.

Admission Procedure:


As per orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, Ragging is a punishable offence. Any one indulging in ragging will be severely punished and prosecuted as per law. All affected students are at liberty to approach College Anti Ragging Committee. The contact details of concerned persons of the college are given below.













1800-180-5522 (TOLL FREE)


The Central Library is the academic lifeline of the College and has recently undergone massive upgradation.


Students are encouraged to participate in different co-curricular activities through various units and societies. Some of the functional units and societies are NCC, NSS, Film Society ( Associate member of the  Federation of Film Societies of India), Debate and Dramatic Society. Steps are being taken to open a  unit of  ROTARACT club from the academic session 2019-20.

The College has a provision for both outdoor and indoor games.  The students have access to  a well equipped Gymnasium, Football ground, volleyball court, Badminton court  and indoor facility for Table Tennis.


The National Cadet Corps is Youth Wing of Armed Forces where student (called as Cadets) are given basic military training in small arms and parades. It is open to school and college students on a voluntary basis. The cadets have no liability for active military service once they complete their course. However if they decide to join the armed forces they are given special treatment. At present Mr. Abhijit Das (M 9614370142)  is in charge of this unit.

How to join the NCC:


The College has one functional National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit since 1986 and another unit is being planned from the academic session 20019-20 onwards.  It is a voluntary association of students. At present Mr. Amulya Sarkar, (M 9874445722) Assistant Professor of Sanskrit,  is in-charge of the NSS Unit.


To empower the students and to improve their employability the college offering  various add on courses. At present an add-on course on Independent Tailor is being successfully run.  From the academic session 2019-20 a number of new courses are going to be introduced.

Add-on courses offered for the session 2019-20

  1. Tailoring (Independent Tailor)

Course Coordinator:  Mrs. Gandhari Saha,Associate Professor of Pol. Science.


Joint Coordinator:  Mrs. Sanghamitra Sinha, Assistant Professor of Philosophy.

(email- )

  1. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Course Coordinator:Dr. Goutam Haldar, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

(email- )

  1. Mobile Repairing

Course Coordinator: Mr. Jagdip K. Chowhan, Assistant Professor of History.

(email- )

  1. Spoken English

Course Coordinator: Ms. Aratrika Roy, Assistant Professor of English

 (email- )

Joint Coordinator: Mr. Abhay Kr. Roy, Lecturer, English.

 (email- )

  1. Organic Grower

Course Coordinator: Prabhas Choudhuri


Interested students will have to apply online using add on course link which will be available  on the college website. Follow website digital  notice board  in this regard.

There is an extra Add-on course fees of Rs 500/- per course ( subject to change if necessary). Further details shall be notified on the college website.


Malda College functions in a predominantly digital way and the college website is an actively used mode of communication with various stakeholders.  Some of the highlights of the facilities available are:

  1. All notices are published on the website and the College Notice Board simultaneously.
  2. All College related data and information are available for public viewing.
  3. A dedicated section for STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES

 ( is available where all the day to day needs of the students are addressed. You are strongly advised to visit this section regularly.

  1. Various online FEEDBACK can be given through the website.
  2. All the Departments have a functional departmental website which is linked to the college website.
  3. Most of the teachers have their personal website which is linked to the departmental website.
  4. By using the Departmental website, the teachers personal website, Google Classroom and WhatsApps groups the College tries to present a functional LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS) to the students. Using these facilities the teaching learning process is expanded beyond the four walls of the classrooms and College Campus and the restrictive office hours.
  5. The College Library has a seperate website ( which is actively maintained and updated.


Feedback is a vital tool for improvement and development of the teaching learning process. It should not be looked upon as a tool for complaining but as a medium of communication between the various stakeholders and the college authority. The feedback data is treated as a sensitive information and handled in a very delicate and confidential manner as per the feedback policy of the college. Only the Principal and  three senior teachers of the feedback committee have access to the online feedback data.  Student, parents/guardians/alumni can give their feedback online through the College.

Apart from Online Feedback the students can give totally anonymous feedback in writing through the drop box located near the girls common  room. Only the IQAC Coordinator has access to the drop box and the feedback is forwarded to the three members of the  feedback committee after removal of sensitive information, if any.

  1. Students Feedback

  1. Feedback from Parents/Guardians

  1. Feedback from Alumni
  2. Library Feedback

  1. Feedback for Malda College Auditorium.

Sl. No

Nature of Feedback

Frequency in a Year



Instant Feedback by the Student

Round the Year

On Any Matter/Grievance


Feedback by the Student on Today’s Class

Round the Year

Feedback on anything related to Today’s Classroom Teaching


Feedback by the Student on Campus & Teacher’s Performance

Once (For 1-Year Program)/ Twice (For Semester Program)  in a Year

Students’ Feedback on Specific Teacher’s Performance (By Name)


Students’ Satisfaction Survey

Once (For 1-Year Program)/Twice (For Semester Program)  in a Year

Students’ Overall Feedback on Teaching -Learning Activities for the Program for Academic Year


Library Feedback (Instant)

Round the Year

Students’ Feedback about the facilities of the Library, Availability of the Books as per Course Curricula as well as Behaviour of Library Staffs    


Library Feedback (Detail)

Once (For 1-Year Program)/Twice (For Semester Program)  in a Year

Feedback by the Faculty/Student/Non-Teaching Staff/Ex-Student on Infrastructural Facilities, Services, Environment and Behaviour of Library Staffs


Feedback by the Student on Principal’s Effectiveness

Once (For 1-Year Program)/Twice (For Semester Program)  in a Year

Students’ Feedback on the Leadership Qualities of the Principal of the College


Alumni Feedback

Once (For 1-Year Program)/Twice (For Semester Program)  in a Year

Design and review of Curriculum


Parents’ Feedback

Once (For 1-Year Program)/Twice (For Semester Program)  in a Year

Design and review of Curriculum


Employers’ Feedback

Once (For 1-Year Program)/Twice (For Semester Program)  in a Year

Design and review of Curriculum


Offline Feedback

Any time

Any matter

ACADEMIC CALENDAR:                                                     








Orientation Programme for First Semester Honours Students

11:00 AM - 1:00PM

Durgakinkar Sadan

Final date


Meeting of the 1st Semester Hons. students and with department teachers, distribution of code of conduct, Class Routine, Syllabus, Syllabus breakup and Lesson lay out to students. Class Begins

1:30 PM

Respective Department

Final date


Orientation Programme for First Semester General students

11:00 AM - 1:00PM

Durgakinkar Sadan

Revised final date


Meeting of the 1st Semester General Course students and with Department Head, distribution of code of conduct, Class Routine, Syllabus, Syllabus breakup and Lesson lay out to students. General Class Begins

1:30 PM

Durgakinkar Sadan

Revised final date


Inauguration of add-on course: Organic Grower


Durgakinkar Sadan


Orientation Programme for parents and guardians of  all first year students (Hons. & General)

2:00 PM - 4:00PM

Durgakinkar Sadan

Revised final date

Sept 2019

Second year and third year classes begins after UGB theory examination

10:00 AM

Respective Department



Parent teacher meeting


University odd semester Examination Begin


13/1/2020 to 15/1/2020

Exhibition and model competition

10:15 AM to 5:00 PM


Cultural competition

Quiz, debate,extempore, recitation competition


Parent teacher meeting


University third year Examination Begin



University second year examination begins



University even semester Examination Begin


*Tentative date subject to University examination dates.

** every fortnight the departments will organise a class test for all classes.

&& to be notified later

Digital Day Wise Academic Calendar link

In order to keep the students updated with the day to activities of the college  a Dynamic Calendar is available on the College website in  the student support service section. Students are advised to visit this link to know the exact allotment of class, test exam, seminar, event organization etc.




In order to serve the students better, ERP solutions have been implemented in the college. ERP solution helps the college by centralising the data collection, storing and analysing data. It enables customised communications through email and sms. The students/guardians can login from anywhere  to view  realtime attendance, fees payment and other relevant information. All notices  of College can be viewed. As the ERP is linked with the College android  apps, students can download it from Google Play Store and use the above mentioned features through the app. The ERP can be used from any web browser and possession of smartphone is not essential for its use. ERP Link 

Kheribari: Village Adopted by Malda College

Since April 2017, Malda College has adopted Kheribari, a tribal village under Bhabuk Gram Panchayat. The objective of the adoption being the social and economic upliftment of poor tribal people. Visible changes have been seen in the village mainly in regarding drinking water supply, construction of concrete road, sanitation, skill development, etc. The most prominent one being the 100% enrolment in the village primary school which was almost defunct with two students on roll at the time of adoption.

It is expected that the students will spare some time and help the College with the extension programme. For helping in any way please feel free to contact the Coordinator of the extension Cell: Sri. Pijush Kanti  Shah, WhatsApp: 8250408077.

Facilities at Malda College

Facilities Offered



  • Orientation Programme at 1st day of College
  • Well managed open Access Central Library with WiFi Facility
  • UG
  • PG
  • Student Seminar, Group Discussion, Special Lecture
  • Interdisciplinary Classes
  • Classes by successful alumni
  • Model Exhibition
  • Career Counselling
  • Placement and Guidance
  • Seminar/workshop/conferences
  •  Journals/ Magazines
  • Exploring History ( UGC Approved)
  • Indian Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Research
  • Magazine by Students’ Council
  • Departmental Wall- Magazines
  • Add on Courses/Certificate Courses
  • Basic Computer Course
  • Mobile Repairing
  • Tailoring
  • Communicative English & Soft Skill
  • Basic Computer Course
  • GST , TDS and E-return
  • Fine Arts
  • Web Designing
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Organic Grower

  • Well maintained college website:
  • ERP ( Student and Staff Log in)
  • College Profile Video
  • Transparent well-administered Online Admission System
  • Student Mobile Apps ( Available at Google Play Store)
  • Student Notice
  • Online Fees Payment
  • Viewing Class Attendance Report
  • Exam Scores
  • Feedback
  • Other relevant matters
  • Dynamic Online Day Wise Academic Calendar available College Website/Student Support website
  • Dynamic Student Notice
  • Dynamic Tender Notice
  • Emailing student and Parents  important news/events when needed
  • Online Class Routine
  • Online Student Feedback and grievances
  • Parent and Alumni Feedback
  • E-learning resources
  • Downloadable Previous year University  Question from Own Library Site
  • Departmental Websites and Individual teacher Website
  • Student Support Website
  • Wifi Campus



  • 20 ICT Enabled Classrooms
  • 3 Smart Classrooms
  • Drinking Water (RO)
  • Well Managed Hostels
  • 3 Boys Hostels
  • 1 Girls’ Hostel
  • 6 Well Maintained Modern Laboratories
  • 3 Computer Labs
  • Two auditoria
  • Durgakinkar Sadan
  • Sanaullah Mancho
  • Well Maintained Guest House
  • Seminar Gallery
  • Open Air  Theater
  • Spacious Canteen
  • Whole Campus with CCTV
  • Big Playground
  • Gymnasium
  • Student Common Room
  • Vending Machine at Girls' Common Room
  • Green Campus with a pond maintained by Alumni Association

  • Administrator
  • Principal
  • IQAC Coordinator
  • Bursar
  • Academic Coordinator ( Morning Section)
  • Secretary, Teachers' Council
  • Head of the Departments
  • Programme Coordinators
  • Dedicated Teaching Staff (Full time,  Govt PTT  and Others)
  • Librarians
  • Hostel Superintendents
  • Dedicated Support Staff
  • Head Clerk in Charge
  • UG Office Staff at Room No. 106
  • PG Office Staff at Room No. 130 & 135 
  • BCA & Computer Office Staff at Room No. 208
  • Library Staff
  • Laboratory Staff
  • Account Section Staff
  • Auditorium Staff
  • Hostel Staff - Cook
  • Campus Security Staff
  • Canteen Staff
  • Sweeping and Cleaning Staff
  • General Secretary, Students’ Council
  • Members,   Students’ Council



  • NCC and NSS Unit
  • Frequent Student Visit  by the Principal
  • Student  Visit By IQAC
  • Mentoring Students
  • Indore & Outdoor game
  • Extension Activities
  • Cultural Programme
  • Membership of Indian Film Society
  • Music Therapy
  • Motivational Classes
  • Frequent Parents/Guardians Meet
  • Subsidized Rate of Food at  Canteen
  • Parents association
  • Alumni Association

  • Internal Marks for University Exam 4 out of 4 for each course/paper
  • College Scholarship for needy and regular students
  • Award for students having highest attendance  from each Department
  • Getting chance of Add on Courses






  1. Academic Council
  2. Students’ Council
  3. Internal quality assurance cell
  1. Orientation Programme
  2. Frequent Students’ Meet
  3. Ensuring Quality Education
  1. Programs/Departments ( HODs & Programme Coordinators)
  2. Library Committee
  3. Career Counseling Cell
  4. Placement and Guidance Cell
  5. Mentoring cell
  6. Feedback Analysis and Action Taken Cell
  7. Research and Consultancy Cell
  8. Central Class Routine Committee

  1. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
  1. SSR Preparation
  2. CAS
  3. Administrative Quality Enhancement Measures
  4. NIRF Participation
  1. RUSA Committee
  2. Planning Board
  3. Teachers’ Council
  4. Finance Committee
  1. College Fund Allocation
  2. College Scholarship Approval
  3. Casual Staff Salary
  4. Tender
  5. Funds Allocation for Event Organization
  1. Account section
  1. Budget Preparation
  2. Day to day Recording of Transactions and Analysis
  3. Bill Payment
  4. Student Fees Management
  5. Payroll Management
  6. Provident Fund Management
  7. College Fund Allocation
  8. TDS
  10. Govt. Grant Utilization
  11. Advance Management
  12. Pay fixation/ Arrear Calculation
  13. e-pension
  14. Audit

  1. Office Section
  1. University Registration
  2. Student ID Card
  3. Govt. Scholarship Approval
  4. Fees Payment Approval
  5. University Exam Score Approval
  6. University Form Fill Up
  7. University Mark sheet
  8. Notice
  9. Other Certificate
  10. Maintain Documents and File
  1. PG Section & Controller of PG Exam
  2. BCA section
  3. Auditorium Section
  1. Durgakinkar Sadan
  2. Sanaullah Manchho
  3. Gour Atithishala
  1. Distance education centres
  1. NSOU
  2. BU
  1. Hostel Management
  2. Tender Committee
  3. Internal compliance cell
  4. Anti-ragging cell
  5.  SC ST cell
  6. OBC Cell  
  7. Minority cell
  8. Admission Committee
  9. Examination Committee
  10. Other various Committees:
  1. Building and Furniture Repairing and Renovation
  2. Gymnasium  Maintenance
  3. Govt. Grant Utilization
  4. laboratory Maintenance
  5. ERP & Website
  6. Computer and Lan & Internet
  7. CCTV Maintenance
  8. Electrical & AC  Maintenance
  9. Drinking Water & General Water Maintenance
  10. Green Campus  Maintenance
  11. Canteen Committee
  12. Malda College Bulletin
  13. ERP


  1. NCC
  2. NSS
  3. Sports Committee
  4. Model Exhibition Committee
  5. Malda College Film Society
  6. Extension Programme


  1. Alumni Association
  2. Parent Association
  3. NAAC
  4. UGC
  5. RUSA
  6. NIRF
  7. AISHE
  8. Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal
  9. DPI
  10. Affiliating University: UGB
  11. Local Govt
  12. Other Statutory Agencies


Students: the only reason we are here.