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Dad’s Day Beer Brunch


Choice of:

Sweet Potato Soup

The Badge Honey Ale

Peach Avocado Fries

Cactus Cat Kolsch

Strawberry Salad | candied pecans | local goat cheese

Bridesmaids Tears Strawberry Rhubarb Ale


THE BEST LASAGNA EVER | meatballs | pepperoni | filet | all the meat and cheese

Boch ‘n’ Rohl

Beer Cheese Burger | half-pound of beef | habanero aioli | crispy fries

Polygamy Porter


Coconut Panna Colada | pineapple brulee | maraschino syrup

Pink Tuxedo Cherry Sour

Gimme S’more | pecan fudge | toasted marshmallow | graham cracker crumble 

German Chocolate Cake Stout

$22 | $30 with beer pairings