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Local #1: San José vs. Santa Clara Valley Water District

Local #2: San José vs. The Homeless (w/ update) 

Local Honorable Mention: Berkeley stays weird

What could be more representative of 2017 than a Koch brothers son talking about his business?


Becky with the good fruit

Kirk Cameron talks about the eclipse

MadisonStar Moon vs an insect abatement truck

Andy Nolch admits to being a troll

Little Girl owns Infowars

Dan Bidondi, environmentalist.  Lover of sea creatures

And of course, Producer Dave and The Good Wife bonded over Gorka, among other things...

The infamous clip with him and Ali Velshi.  Greetings.

Gorka on the undermining of the rights of women

Gorka on Hannity

Gorka talks with Lee Fang from The Intercept