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Series Reading Order
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Series Reading Order



1.         Vampire’s Mate

2.         Dragon’s Fate

3.         Vampire’s Kiss

4.         Demon’s Destiny

5.         Hades

6.         Vampire’s Desire

7.         Vampire’s Queen

8.         Vampire’s Promise (standalone)


Eternally Mated:

1.         Fall Into Darkness

2.         Veiled In Darkness

3.         Bound By Darkness

4.         Unleash The Darkness

5.         Surrender To Darkness

6.         Tempted By Darkness


Dark Horizons (Eternally Mated Spin-off series that can be read before or after):

1.         Uprising

2.         Redemption


Sparks Of Desire (all are stand alone and can be read in any order):

1.         His Burning Desire

2.         Rescue Me

3.         Finding Hope

4.         Ashes To Flames

5.         Tempting The Dragon


Beyond The Mist (all are stand alone and can be read in any order):

1.         The Vampire’s Curse

2.         The Vampire’s Fae

3.         The Vampire Prince

4.         The Fae King


A Jinn’s Seduction:

1.         Spanish Nights

2.         Sultry Nights


Demonic Desires:

1.         Taken By Desire

2.         Taken By Storm