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22 April

Earth Day

Between April 15th and 25th, activists will use the poster art to organize mass wheat pasting actions, pop-up art shows, and arts-centered direct actions. This Earth Day will be the biggest day of coordinated climate arts-based action.


Transition Australia’s events calendar:

You can list upcoming events on the Transition Australia website, especially online events. Also list your group on the website if it’s not already there:


Geelong Sustainability also have other events (some free, some not) - see more here:


🚲 Pedal Rebels

Join the Pedal Rebels on their colourful and cruisy bike ride through Naarm (Melbourne) to demand action on the climate emergency.

💩 Frydenberg Fridays

Bring your loudest voices and hold the Federal Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, to account for his criminal inaction on the climate crisis. Last Friday of the month, 3.30-5pm at Camberwell Junction.


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