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25 Sept

Fridays for Future: Global day of action

The school strike movement Fridays For Future calls for a global climate action day. On 25 September 2020, demonstrations and manifestations will take place all across the globe, all adjusted according to Covid-19 circumstances. 

10 Oct
Saturday and 
11 Oct

Sustainable House Day in Geelong and Surf Coast


11 Oct

Humans in Geelong Online Expo

See video:


26-27 Oct

The Ethical Enterprise Conference 2020 
held online with the Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition and Ethical Enterprise Award on the final day on the 28th October.


Regular or repeating events in the Geelong
and Surf Coast regions


#FridaysForFuture   CANCELLED

Every Friday in front of Geelong City Hall.
The Primal Roar for Climate action at 11:59.

» Connect with Caroline Danaher in her Facebook group, ‘Persistent Presence’:


The Farm Next Door - every Saturday morning   CANCELLED

Meetings in the Geelong
and Surf Coast regions


Geelong Organic Gardeners   CANCELLED

We are a friendly, diverse group of people who share a common interest in gardening organically, and working with nature rather than against it. For information about our meeting dates, please email us at - New people welcome to meetings.


Geelong Sustainability also have other events (some free, some not) on here:

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