848 Policy - Food/Cooking on Campouts

On campouts, it is expected that each patrol will cook at least one part of dinner using a Dutch oven.  This is a Troop 848 tradition.  You can bake with it, or use it like a frying pan to brown meat.  You can use it for dessert, if you like.

You must cook from scratch as much as possible.  We want you to develop useful cooking skills.  That means cooking RAW meat, not reheating pre-cooked chicken for fajitas.  That means cutting up onions, and garlic and adding spices to tomato sauce for spaghetti, not opening a jar of Ragu.  There are lots of great recipes out there on our website, on the internet, and in your parents’ cookbooks.  The Troop’s library has recently been stocked with campout cooking recipes for the scouts to take advantage of!

Scouts cannot bring any bottled or canned drinks, even water, to campouts.  If every patrol brought drinks, it would weigh down the trailer, which is already loaded pretty heavy with the chuck boxes and gear.  In addition, boys tend to leave the empty bottles and cans around the camp.  Therefore, no bottled/canned drinks for the scouts, even if brought in personal cars.  The scouts MUST bring a water bottle for them to refill during the campout. There will be water in camp and your patrol can bring powdered mixes.  Staying hydrated is constantly emphasized for health reasons, especially during the warm Texas “non-winter” periods.