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The year is 2305. The people of Earth have destroyed most of its rain forests. The greenhouse effect has warmed the climate worldwide by four degrees Celsius. The polar ice caps have completely melted, causing the water level in the seas and oceans to rise. Cities, like New York and Hong Kong, have been partially submerged under water. Droughts are prevalent where once there was much rain; flooding is overwhelming land which was once desert. Scientists have predicted that the Earth will attempt to clean itself up by initiating a polar ice age, with storms the size of a hemisphere covering the land and burying it under 50 feet of snow and ice. Temperatures will drop well below zero, and all plant and animal life will freeze instantaneously. The governments of the various countries no longer have the power or influence to stop the chaos.

        In 2275, scientists discovered an earth-like planet near a star six light years away. They developed a drive system for a spacecraft that would limit travel time to the planet to one year. The leaders of six nations---Brazil, the Republic of South Africa, the United States, Russia, China, and Germany---decide that the only hope for mankind is to make several ships to take colonists to the newly discovered world.

        What began as a cooperative effort, though, soon turned into a competition followed by open bickering and fighting. Countries that were left out of the project rebelled, cut off diplomatic relations, grouped together and started a war with the elite six.


        You are one of the colonists chosen for this mission. Disease and starvation are rampant around the world, so you are among the lucky few. Your goals will be to plan for your trip, successfully cross six light years of open space, and settle on your new world. You have with you a variety of people with expertise in several areas. Use them wisely. Make your way with careful detail, because the omission of even one could cost a life. Be sure to meet all your deadlines, or your mission will fail and you will not get the prime land on the new planet. You will find yourselves living at an inhospitable north or south pole.

        Those of us staying behind are counting on you to carry on the human race. Be sure you succeed for the good of us all.

Signed:  Roberto Santiago, President of Brazil

          Helmut Schnell, Chancellor of Germany

          Deng Shi-ning, Chairman of China

          Abigail Hersey, President of the United States

          Alexander Popovich,, Chairman of Russia

          Dirk Walker, Prime Minister of the Republic of South Africa

Assignment 1

Go to Google Classroom. Open the lesson for teams. Find your country and decide as a team who will carry out each role. First names will remain yours. Last names will be in character.

*****Captains must copy and paste team IDs to a new document, type student names in red next to identity, then submit electronically to the teacher

Assignment 2

Make a symbol for your team and a name tag. The symbol must appear on everything you turn in, on your name tag,  and be posted on the map. Your name tag should be a 3x5 index card, written clearly  in letters at least 2 inches high, and dark enough to be read easily. (10 points for adequate completion. The teacher reserves the right to require redos, which will cost game points.)

Assignment 3

Before you can begin your training, you must accept the position you are being offered. Write a letter to the leader of your nation accepting your position on your team. Include information from the plot as it relates to your country. Talk about how the crisis is affecting your family. Conclude with your gratitude to be included.. (40 points in the gradebook, (10 Points will be awarded to each game participant for adequate completion of this task. You will move your marks according to Scoring guidelines.)

Use the letter  format page provided for you on Google Classroom.

You should have at least 5 paragraphs:

Turn your letter in on the Google Classroom assignment page.

Congratulations Space Teams!