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Overdue Reports

Go to Reports=>Patron Reports=>Current Checkouts/Fines

--If you choose Report, it is a listing of all the patrons/items that are overdue

--If you click on Notice, those are sorted by individuals to be handed out to students and staff

On the next screen, uncheck fines over to other sites.  You cannot clear them.  If you need them cleared, include them in a Report and send the report to Mohini at:

Please choose what information you want to have included in the Report or Notices.  If you click on Save Setup you do not have to setup the report each time that you run it; your preferences are saved.  You would click Run when you want to run it by going to the first screen:

You can also schedule the report to run on a scheduled basis.  It will appear in Job Manager for you to download and display once a week or daily at the time you set:


For notices, you can decide it want to sort them by grade level, homeroom, or ATS code (if you serve multiple schools).  If you have student emails (teachers’ DOE emails are in their accounts), the notices can be mailed.  Email me at to upload student emails.

You can customize the overdue message and how many notices are printed per page.  Also, decide what information to display in the notice.  If you have Titlepeek, the cover images will appear!