March 19, 2018

Zeeland West High School Cafeteria

3390 100th Avenue

6:00 PM



PRESENT:           Board of Education:  Todd Brennan, Linda Bush, April DeWitt, Rick Dernberger, Ron Scott (6:03pm)

                            Administrators: Cal De Kuiper, Lynn Van Kampen, Jon Voss

ABSENT:             Board of Education: Tom DenHerder, Mark Snyder

GUESTS:             Mark Washington



I.           CALL TO ORDER:      6:00PM                                                                         Rick Dernberger

A.   PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:                                                           Cal De Kuiper


          Moment of recognition for Sam Vriezema -                 Rick Dernberger

The Board of Education recognized and honored Sam Vriezema and extended condolences to his family.   Rick Dernberger introduced this recognition on behalf of ZEF President, Tom DenHerder, who is unable to attend tonight’s meeting, which was followed by a moment of silence.

Thank you to Zeeland Education Foundation Director’s Sara Stevens and Nikki Kleinheksel for authoring these words:  Our colleague and friend, Sam Vriezema, served as a Trustee of The Zeeland Education Foundation for over a decade.  In recent years, Sam held the position of Treasurer and what an awesome role he played.  Sam had a passion for the Foundation and was a leader in driving our Board to pay special attention to growing our Legacy Fund/ZEF endowment.  Sam felt strongly that by growing our endowment we could help provide long-range financial support to ZPS educational needs.  Sam also loved giving to the “now”.  He served on the first ever Fowl Play planning committee which raises funds to award during our annual Spring teacher/staff grant cycle.  He was always eager to give of his financial resources as well as volunteer his time.  We will never forget the day of our first Fowl Play dinner, when we were scrambling to find easels for various displays. Sam eagerly scurried around town to track down every last easel we needed.  That is the kind of man Sam was.  He was incredibly intelligent, kind, witty and simply someone you wanted to be around.  Sam’s big heart and contagious smile will be sorely missed.  The Zeeland Education Foundation will move forward always mindful of Sam’s desire to support Zeeland Public Schools by funding educational needs for all students far into the future.








A.          Minutes of the February 19, 2018 regular board meeting were approved.

B.          Approved bills paid as of February 2018.  Checks #122857-123385

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:              $1,106,460.23

PAYROLL:                                    3,674,198.49

TOTAL:                                   $4,780,658.72


Todd Brennan moved and Ron Scott supported the motion to accept the Consent Calendar as presented.


VOTE: All yes (5)


V.             DISCUSSION

A.         E-rate Bid Review  - Mark Washington, Technology Director, reported on an opportunity to apply for an E-rate grant for approximately $200,000 to supplement ZPS technology voter approved bond funding for wireless network installation and related cabling.   In order to meet required timelines to apply for this Federal grant, action is needed this evening.  The deadline to submit this grant application for reimbursement is March 22, 2018.  In order to submit the grant, the Board of Education must approve the bid for the work.  Finance agreed that we should waiver from our normal process that the Finance committee review of the three bids ahead of time to prepare a recommendation to the full board. This prior review is not possible given the necessary timelines for this grant application.   Bids were due March 9, 2018, 2 PM, the day after the Finance Committee met.  

BOE Bid Rec, Wireless Upgrades, March, 2018 .

Bid Summary & Recommendation

  1. Vector Tech Group of Freeland, MI representing Ruckus Networks ($283,407)

B.        Network Solutions of Granger, IN representing Meraki Networks ($292,229.70)

C.  Sirus, Inc. of Holland, MI representing Extreme Networks ($247,469.16)--Low Qualified Bid

After an in‐depth analysis comparing features for each product, the lowest qualified bid was from Sirus, Inc. of Holland, Michigan, representing Extreme Networks is being recommended for approval in the amount of $259,406.71. This includes a base bid of $247,469.16 covering the cost of the installation of the access points and related cabling.  I am also recommending accepting the additional $11,270 covering the cost of the server manage the access points and the licensing to extend our existing wireless controller to the same warranty as the bid for $667.52.   The Sirus bid provides for full functionality of our wireless network with our existing network (currently Extreme).

Other Background

Wireless network is 7 years old with Access Points in every other classroom.  Access points need to be replaced to handle new high speed devices (iPads/Chromebooks).  There are more and more personal devices on the network everyday. (fitbits, phones, etc.) Best practice for new high schools installations is currently a 5:1 device per user ratio on the network.  The funding reimbursement formula is based on Free/Reduced Lunch Count. The district is eligible to be reimbursed $153/pupil on a building level, up to cost of 50% of the project submitted. Estimated cost of all of our eligible technology work is $400K resulting in a matching grant of approximately $200,000.   95% of properly completely grant eligible requests are approved.  Bids must be out for 28 days and have the paperwork submitted by 3/22/18.  This work is part of our bond funded plan and will need to be completed if the grant is approved or not.  This request is to make local tax dollars reach further with assistance of matching federal grant dollars.


Replace all access points with new.  Install one per classroom &  higher capacity APs in public/gathering spaces.  We must have the ability to better manage online traffic with a new system and provide a degree of future proofing.

B.  Series II, 2018 Bond Issuance    - Lynn VanKampen reported these funds are primarily for the addition at West High School, renovations at Cityside Middle School, technology, and school buses.


VI.           ACTION:  

A.  Technology Bid Approval

        Ron Scott moved and Todd Brennan supported the motion to approve the the lowest qualified bid from Sirus, Inc. of Holland, Michigan, representing Extreme Networks in the amount of $259,406.71.

ROLL CALL:            YEA: Brennan, Bush, DeWitt, Dernberger, Scott

                                  NAY: 0

B.  Bond Sale Resolution

Linda Bush moved and April DeWitt supported the motion to approve the resolution ratifying the sale of the 2015 voter approved bond, Series II,  per the attached bond sale resolution

ROLL CALL:            YEA: Brennan, Bush, DeWitt, Dernberger, Scott

                                  NAY: 0



A.        Ottawa Area Safe Schools Network   OASBA General Meeting, March 27, 2018

B.         Aspiring Leaders -  Jon Voss

The regular meeting of March 19, 2018 adjourned at 6:29PM