Apprenticeship Training
Terms and Conditions

Enrolment paperwork

Apprenticeship programmes are funded by the Government.  Funding for training is only released when ALL of the paperwork required has been completed and submitted.  We depend on employers to complete paperwork in a timely manner so that we can access the funding we need to deliver the training programme.

Please ensure that all paperwork sent to you by your Account Manager is completed and returned by the date requested (or sooner!). This ensures you are legally able to continue to employ your new member of staff as an Apprentice, along with associated terms (e.g. wages).

Recruitment fees

Where Boom Training provides a recruitment service to identify a suitable candidate, we will provide this service at no cost to the employer.

HOWEVER, the cost of providing this service is not included in the funding we receive from the government so we are funding it ourselves. Consequently, if:

  1. the employer employs the candidate but does not enrol the Apprentice with Boom Training for delivery of the Apprenticeship or
  2. the employer allows an Apprentice to withdraw from their Apprenticeship whilst remaining in employment

we will charge a fee to contribute towards the cost of providing the recruitment service.

The fee we will charge is £750.00[1].

Early termination fees

Where an employer places a new recruit or existing employee onto an apprenticeship programme but then withdraws the candidate from the Apprenticeship before completion, Boom Training will charge a fee to the employer to cover the cost of all training delivery provided up until the withdrawal date.  If this date is close to the completion date the cost will be close to the full value of the Apprenticeship training (e.g. For Business Admin, c.£5,000).  This is in addition to any recruitment fees incurred.

There are two exceptions to this.  In these cases we will not charge a fee:

Apprenticeship Fees (not applicable to Levy-payers)

Fees to employers for Apprenticeship training are mandatory since 1 May 2017.  The Government has also made it clear that incentive deals with employers to circumvent the introduction of fees are banned.

Fees are based on the price agreed for an apprenticeship.  Each programme has a maximum value attached to it that is set by the Government and this is the price we set for all our Apprenticeship provision.  The fee to the employer is 5% of this price for non-levy-paying employers and 10% for levy-payers.  The other 90/95% of the programme cost is funded by the Government (through the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)).

Fees for Apprenticeships consist of 2 elements:

The total cost of the Apprenticeship in which you have expressed an interest is included in this information pack.  The precise split of this cost between training and EPA will be advised to you once the EPA Organisation has confirmed these.

If you are unsure about fees, please contact your Account Manager.

Payment terms & refunds

Course fees are invoiced on the enrolment/learning start date of the apprenticeship with payment terms of 14 days.  As a small business, we appreciate prompt payment and significant delays in payment may mean we have to pause the delivery of the training (partly because it means we are in breach of our contract with the funding agency).

If a candidate withdraws or is dismissed before completion of the apprenticeship a refund of a proportion of the fee may be payable in some circumstances.  Please speak to your account manager is this situation arises.

Employee Release for training

It is a regulated condition of funding that the Apprentice must spend 20% of their contracted working hours undertaking ‘off-the-job’ (OTJ) training (equivalent to 1 day per week).  Your tutor will provide advice concerning activities that can contribute towards this and how the OTJ training hours should be recorded.  Most, if not all of this activity can/will be done in the workplace but must not include time spent fulfilling duties outlined in their job description.  For some programmes, this may include releasing the Apprentice for 1 day per month to attend a workshop.  (Travel expenses for this must be paid for by the employer.)


I confirm as authorised signatory of[2] ___________________________, that I have read, understood and agree to the above terms of business.


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