Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Appearing in Hearthstone’s Kobolds and Catacombs, Candlebeard is a dungeon boss famous for giving his cards charge. While manageable as a rank 1, the real fun starts when he hits rank 2 and gets the ability for free.

Though little is known about this petit pirate, King Togwaggle tells us that Candlebeard thinks finding buried treasure “make kobold a pirate.”

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Charrrrge!”

The base fantasy for Candlebeard is his hero power in Hearthstone- allowing him to decimate his enemy with charge minions. In this kit I am attempting to bring that same feeling to the nexus with this passive trait. Similar to Brightwings trait that automatically sends a healing pulse every few seconds- Candlebeard will pulse a speed increase to his team ever few seconds. When this is passively triggered Candlebeard will scream “charge!” and all allies in the area will have a speed boost for a short amount of time. The fantasy for this kit is to make Candlebeard a support character that is able to aid his team with his speed boost trait and healing traits.

Mount- “Wax Pirate Ship”

Q- “Captains BFF”

Everyone knows that a traditional pirate pet is the parrot, but in the catacombs parrots are hard to come by, so candlebeard has to do with what he is given. When this ability is activated Candlebeard will summon his BFF a Vicious Fledgling that he has named Fred. Fred will protect Candlebeard and soak all damage that is dealt to him while he is alive. At any time Candlebeard can active this again to send Fred to another hero and soak the damage that they would be taking. Here is the kicker… every time that Fred is summoned the player will be able to select an “adapt” for him from the below list:

-- More Health for Fred

-- Damage boost to Hero

-- Healing to Hero while Fred circles them

-- Cooldown reduction for Hero

-- Increased sight for Hero

W- “Fair Share”

It is said that Candlebeard has found his fair share of magical treasure in the catacombs. But what isn't as well known is that he always divvies up the treasure to his crew so they get their share as well. When this ability is activated he spreads the wealth and tosses a magical item to a target friendly hero refreshing a portion of their mana. (Basically an innervate on a basic ability)

E- “Cutpurse”

When this is activated Candlebeard spills cursed coins on the ground behind him as he moves. All emey heroes that step on these coins will have the cooldown of their abilities increased the longer they stay in the coins. (Stitches poo- but instead of slowing them it just adds time to their cooldowns) Once they are not on the coins and their cooldowns are completed the effects of this ability are gone and their cooldowns return to their normal length.

Heroic 1- “Ships Cannon" 

Candlebeard selects a large area on the battlefield that will be the target location for the shot. After the target is placed the core on the friendly team will transform into a cannon that will fire a large shell at the target. This shell will fly through the air and when it lands it will deal damage to all enemies in the area and push them back away from the center of the blast.

Heroic 2- “Vanish”

Using the power of a powerful artifact Candlebeard has found in one of his many treasure chests he is able to make all friendly heros in the area disappear. During this time friendly heroes are not able to attack and they must remain in the range of this ability to stay invisible. So what we have here is a Valeera ult, but for the team, and no one can attack during this time.

Specialty Skin:  French Revolution Candlebeard (French accent) OR  Vintage Video Game Speedrunner Champion

Dance: Jack Sparrow Drunk Dance

Kristen’s Choices


        “Wick”edness Must Be Punished







An inspirer of countless cards, Candlebeard comes with a buff. When given to a specific Hero, they are granted an extra button that allows them to charge for a set length in any direction that stuns the first enemy hit.


        Pirate Ship

From the ground rises up a pirate ship that carries Candlebeard across the map with the wind whipping through his be-candled beard.


Scuttle It, Ye Tunnellubber!

Taking a hold of wax from the candles tied into his beard, Candlebeard tosses the mass out. If it hits an enemy, the wax immediately hardens, trapping them to the ground.


Snicker me Whiskers!

With the enemy now waxed to the ground, Candlebeard excitedly scurries in, smacking them with the pickaxe he has affixed to his arm. This is a series of small, fast attacks. In the flurry, candle wax flies, coating the enemy and slowing his or her movement.


        Oh, ho HO!

Candlebeard gets excited, breaking out into a jig that spreads his candle wax outward in a circle around him, slowing all enemy movement.



Candlebeard’s trait is now rank 2. Every friendly Hero has the charge ability on a very short cooldown.


        Trigger Me Diggers!

Pulling out his winmore card, Candlebeard summons to the field a greater warrior than he - Sea Giant. This massive summon has extra damage and health based on how many times Candlebeard’s trait has been triggered successfully.



Technology moves fast and Candlebeard is not one to stay behind the times. He has now tied Tesla coils into his beard that light him up with electricity.



        Pirate Jig

Jig’s are lively folk dances with a rigid torso and fast moving feet that came to popularity in the 16th C. They became favorite entertainment types of the courts of the time and, thus, spread through Western Europe.