Tairangi School Procedure Statement


   NAG 5 Health & Safety


There are situations in society where a person or people have committed violence against people in settings such as schools.




In case of a person or people brandishing a weapon or presenting a violent threat these procedures will be followed.

Clear Distinctive Alert to signal ‘Lock Down’ will be activated when safe to do so.

The alert signal will be Continuous short blasts on the bell 

If the Threat presents At the Office


 If Threat presents at the classroom

If the Threat presents when you are outside

Lock Down Inside

As soon as the alert is received children and staff

Lock Down Outside

It may not be safe to return to the class. Teachers instruct children to flee and hide and stay silent.

If it presents during playtime tell children to run and hide and stay put and quiet. If safe to do so get to the bell and activate the alert.

Depending on where the threat is coming from and where you are at the time safe places to flee to and hide could be

It may not be the safest to stay together. It may be safer for people to scatter.

After the Event

Stay in Lock Down until the all clear is received.

Assembly place will be the regular assembly place and you will receive instruction from there.


Have available for the emergency services in a central place.

Staff to keep Cell Phones if they have them handy.

Staff Discussions on the plan twice yearly, to clarify procedures.

Procedures discussed in induction programme for new staff.

Procedures included in the staff handbook.

Staff have teacher’s cell phone numbers on their phones.

Reviewed March 2016

File:violentsituation5.doc        Procedure Statement – Violent situation occurring at school