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Adult Commitments

  • Remind students of appropriate voice level
  • Monitor for school appropriate language
  • Provide active hallway supervision

Student Expectations

  • Use school appropriate language
  • Share compliments
  • Follow Voice Level guidelines


The 7th Grade boys track team went to Brown County on Tuesday April 16th and fought hard against a mostly 8th grade squad. We fell short of the win 82-53. Scoring for the Spartans:

110 Hurdles - 2nd Liam Sherwood, 3rd Isaac Riddle

100m Dash - 1st Rolan Ryan

1600m Run - 3rd Rylan Hottell

400m Dash - 1st Blake Osbourne, 3rd Hudson Elwood

200m Hurdles - 2nd Isaac Riddle, 3rd Brady Redelman

800m Run - 2nd Tristan Tyner, 3rd Sidd Jain

200m Dash - 1st Rolan Ryan

2400m Run - 3rd Rylan Shaw

Discus - 2nd Larry Chen

High Jump - 2nd Chris Perez, 3rd Keller Despain

All of the 7th grade boys will be back in action next Monday against Center Grove North at home.

The 7th grade girls track team competed against Brown County last evening. Even though we did not win the meet, there were many strong efforts and improvements.

Placing for the Lady Spartans:

100 m. hurdles = 2nd - Kylie Hatcher

3rd - Ava Collier

100 m. dash = 3rd - Izzy Lynn

1600 m. run = 3rd - Layne Hoeflinger

400 m. dash = 2nd - Amelia Brand

200 m. hurdles = 3rd - Ava Collier

2400 m. run = 2nd - Caylyn Pruitt

Long Jump = 2nd - Lilly Breedlove

High Jump = 3rd - Lilly Arnholt

Discus = 2nd - Grace Lykins

3rd - Lyrik Miller

Shot Put = 3rd - Lyrik Miller

4x800 m. relay = 1st - Caylyn Pruitt, Ciara Romero, Charlotte Loheide, Layne Hoeflinger

Great job!!

Northside dominated Central on the tennis courts last evening.


Kathryn Wilson 8-0

Zoe Bishop 8-0

Bhuvi Kadakia 4-8

Grace Riordan and Siri Poludasu 8-0

Alaney Parker and Esha Aras 8-0


Calla Bauman 6-0

Sophia Bass 4-3 (opponent retired)

Delaney Williams and Rachel Treadway 6-1