1.  2019 Youth Spring Showcase Information

Show Date: May 25th, 2019

Show Times: Cast A 11:00am, Cast B 1:30pm, Cast C 4:00pm

Rehearsal Schedule:

Dancers will learn their dance pieces in Ballet classes beginning March 18th 

Mandatory Dress rehearsals will be IN BALLET CLASSES for all students/dancers the week of April 29th-May 4th 

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal (Actors, Soloists and Level 4/5  dancers and JR Company ONLY) on May 24th 5:30-8:00pm at the North 4th Theatre 


For students Level 1-5 (ages 14 yrs and under)  

Registration will be by *appointment in the office beginning March 2nd and ending on March 30th. Late registration will be by costume/cast availability and will have a $25 late fee.  

*Appointments for Registration, Costume Fitting, and Purchasing Family Tickets will be scheduled in 10 minute slots March 2nd-30th.  Please be sure to bring your dancer in a leotard for accurate fitting.

Registration Pricing:


Ballet Students: Girls: $60, Boys $35

Ensemble Students (Level 2-5 Students that participated in December

Evals): $25



North 4th Theatre  (4904 4th St NW) Performers enter through front lobby




Ticket prices are $20 for adults & children (General Seating). *Family tickets (4 per family)  will be available for purchase at the time of your registration appointment or before registration ends on March 30th. Additional tickets for guests  will be available for purchase on the elite website beginning April 25th.  First come, first served.  *We recommend not bringing younger children to the show, but if you do, ALL human beings (including infants) must purchase a ticket and remain in their seats through the show.  This is not only a fire code issue, but we want to make sure to eliminate unnecessary distractions for our audience and performers.


Students will be learning their dance pieces in their normal classes beginning March 18th, 2018.  It is important that they attend their classes on a regular basis!

Dress Rehearsals:

Dress rehearsals are Mandatory! Students must come in their FULL costume to their normal

class times at the studio April 29th-May 4th. Dancers will be given their costumes BEFORE

the week of their scheduled dress rehearsals at the studio and will be responsible for their

costumes for the show.  Lillian Garcia must be made aware of any costume problems/issues

immediately, so that she has time to fix them by showtime! **Parents, please plan to attend the

last 10 minutes of the dress rehearsal class for important show instructions and the opportunity to

take photos of your child in costume


Level 2-5 students that participated in December EVALS may register!Participants must register by the deadline, and must attend all rehearsals Registration fee is $25

April 27th Saturday          

1:00-2:00pm        Ensemble (All)

2:00-2:30pm        Ensemble Level 2 and 3

2:30-3:00pm        Ensemble Level 4          

May 2nd Thursday        

7:30-8:15pm        All Soloist and Actors

May 4th Saturday        

1:00-2:00pm        Ensemble (All)

2:00-3:00pm        Ensemble Level 4 and 5

May 18th Saturday        

1:00-2:00pm        Ensemble (All)

2:00-3:00pm        Ensemble Level 4 and 5

May 23rd Thursday         

6:30-7:30pm        Ensemble (All)

JR Company        

JR CO rehearsals will be during their Company classes on Thursdays. Company members that do not attend all rehearsals consistently will be used as understudies. JR Company needs to register in their Class Level AND for the Ensemble

At The Theatre

Dancer check-in times are as follows.  Note: we will not check in dancers any earlier than the times listed below.  Please do not be late!

Level 4-5        45 minutes prior to the show

Level 3                35 minutes prior to show

Level 2                30 minutes prior to the show

Level 1                20 minutes prior to the show

The house will open 30 minutes before the show for you to find seats.  Parents with dancers that have a later check in time, please feel free to find your seats first, take your child to the restroom and then check them in.  Seating will be General Admmission, BUT there are no bad seats in this theatre!

We will be holding a reception for our guests 30 minutes prior to each show.  Parents, we ask that you do not serve food or drinks to your dancers before checking them in.  Dancers should be trained not to eat in costume and only drink water before a performance.  Let’s keep costumes clean, and sugar rushes and potty breaks to a minimum.  Please take your dancer to the restroom and get a drink of water at the fountain next to the restrooms before checking them in!  Then, you can enjoy the reception before taking your seats for the show!

We have staff/chaperones to take care of the children backstage at all times.  Our chaperones will check in your children at the appointed time (see check-in times above).  Parents will be required to sign in/sign out their child. Elite reserves the right to ask for identification for any person picking up a child.

Items to be checked in with your dancer:  Parents must keep all other items with them. Please make sure all performance items, including shoes are labeled with dancer's name!

IMPORTANT: We will not allow children to be picked up before the show is over.  The show will last approximately 45 minutes. Please keep in mind that this is not just a security issue.  elite is a family, which means that we respect and enjoy everyone's performer, not just our own.  Please support and acknowledge the hard work of all the performers, choreographers, instructors, and production crew by watching the show in its entirety.  

Make Up/Hair:      

elite will provide make up for the dancers

Dancers need to wear their hair in a bun WITH a hair net over the bun (can be purchased at Walgreens). If a child’s hair is too short to be put in a bun, hair needs to be back in clips (that match their hair) and must be off the face. Absolutely NO BANGS! Use a lot of hair spray! Please remove nail polish and jewelry.

Boys: please have hair neat and tidy


Costumes are included in registration fee  (including tights)  


Appointments for: Registration, Costume Fitting, and Purchasing Family Tickets will be scheduled in 10 minute slots from March 2-30th. 


Dancers will be given their costumes BEFORE their scheduled dress rehearsals at the studio and will be responsible for their costumes for the show. Dancers will need to come to the dress rehearsals and shows in their first costume (including tights and hair done)

Additional Supplies Needed: Dancers will need to provide these dance wear basics and have them by dress rehearsals.


All Classes

Ballet Slippers for all dancers




Short sleeved body armor shirt, black dress pants  

Black Ballet Slippers 

LEVEL 4-6 nude colored camisole leotard


Parents and Guests:

Parents may photograph and videotape during dress rehearsals at the studio.

There will be photo opportunitites available with soloists and groups after each show in the lobby. Photography/Videotaping will not be allowed during the shows.  Note: If we have issues with parents or guests with this, we will stop the show and escort anyone out that refuses to cooperate.

elite will be photographing and videotaping for promotional purposes.


No one is allowed backstage or in dressing rooms, unless they have volunteered and signed up for a job with the studio staff.

Questions??        Please call the studio at 505-440-0434.