Itslearning: Tips for Students and Families

What is itslearning?

  • Learning management system for online learning
  • All students have accounts
  • All eLearning lessons will be posted on itslearning

Accessing itslearning

  • Use the icon on the student’s BCSC laptop (high school students only)
  • Use the bookmarks bar across Google chrome (middle school)
  • Go to the BCSC website (, select “Students” tab, click itslearning, sign in screen appears
  • Go to the BCSC-specific itslearning URL link:

Signing into itslearning

  • Most usernames are the student’s graduation year + last name + first letter of first name (some exceptions)
  • Ex: 23smithd
  • Elem/Middle username: same as Google/chromebook username before the
  • High school username: same as laptop login username
  • Elem. School Password: ID Number
  • Middle/High School Password: Created by student

Navigating itslearning

  • Click the “courses” tab to navigate to a course. Not all courses may be visible in the short list dropdown menu. To view all courses, click “all courses”. A new screen will appear with the full listing of all courses the student is enrolled in. eLearning work will typically be in the AM Homeroom course for elementary students.
  • To see assignments, resources, and activities in a course, click the “resources” tab. Teachers vary in how they organize their courses-but all materials can be accessed through the “resources” tab at any point in time.
  • To message a teacher, use the “messenger” tool within itslearning. Click “new” to begin a new message and type your teacher’s name into the “to” textbox. To continue an existing conversation, select the conversation from the messenger inbox.