St Michael’s Meadowbank Parish

Children Sacraments Timetable 2018

First Holy Communion (for children in Year 3 and above)

Parent Formation Evening

Tuesday 20 March, 7pm in Hall

(It is not intended that children will attend)

Enrolment Masses

Saturday 7 April 6pm OR Sunday 8 April 10am

Session 1

Tuesday 8 May – 7pm (Hall)

Session 2

Tuesday 15 May – 7pm (Hall)

Session 3

Tuesday 22 May – 7pm (Hall)

Session 4

Tuesday 29 May – 7pm (Hall)


Tuesday 5 June – 6.30pm – 7.30pm (Church)

Rehearsal Communion Mass 1 & 2

Tuesday 12 June 7pm (Church)

First Holy Communion Mass 1

Saturday 16 June 6pm (max 16 candidates)

First Holy Communion Mass 2

Sunday 17 June 10am (max 16 candidates)

Rehearsal Masses 3 & 4

Tuesday 19 June 7pm (Church)

First Holy Communion Mass 3

Saturday 23 June 6pm (max 16 candidates)

First Holy Communion Mass 4

Sunday 24 June 10am (max 16 candidates)

Confirmation (for children in Year 6 and above)

Enrolment Mass

Saturday 2nd June 6pm OR Sunday 3rd June 6pm

Parent Formation Evening

Tuesday 26 June – 7pm (Hall)

Session 1

Tuesday 7 August– 7pm (Hall)

Session 2

Tuesday 14 August – 7pm (Hall)

Session 3

Tuesday 21 August – 7pm (Hall)

Session 4

Tuesday 28 August – 7pm (Hall)


Tuesday 11 September 7pm

Reconciliation prior to Sacrament

Tuesday 18 September 6.30pm–7.30pm (Church)

Confirmation Mass

Friday 21 September 7pm

Reconciliation (for children in Year 2 and above)

Parent Formation Evening

Tuesday 4 September 7pm (Hall)

Enrolment Masses

Saturday 15th September 6pm OR

 Sunday 16 September 10am

Session 1

Tuesday 23 October – 7pm (Hall)

Session 2

Tuesday 30 October – 7pm (Hall)

Session 3

Tuesday 6 November – 7pm (Hall)

Session 4

Tuesday 13 November - 7pm (Hall)

First Reconciliation

Tuesday 27 & 28 November 4.30pm to 7.00pm

In addition to the above schedule, candidates for each sacrament are required to attend one of the Parish Sunday Masses (6pm Sat, 8am or 10am Sunday) on the Sundays following each of the preparation sessions. Candidates will be invited to come to the front of the altar during Mass and will be given the opportunity to share elements of their weekly homework activity related to the sessions.

There will also be a Retreat Day for each of the sacraments, on a date to be confirmed.