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 USTA Eastern Tennis On Campus


Tennis on Campus is a national program developed to promote and support the expansion of co-ed recreational team play on college campuses across the country. The program focuses on providing structured play opportunities for the entire campus community through sport club tennis teams and intramural tennis programs all of which are exciting, friendly, and fun. Recreational tennis offers many of the benefits of varsity tennis, but does not require as much dedication or as great a time commitment.

Get Started!

  1.  Spread the word – use social media to get the word out about your new fun tennis club!

  1.  Become a sanctioned club with the university- set up a meeting set up a meeting with the recreational sports director or student association to learn how.  Most clubs require bylaws, an executive board, etc.  

 Get Playing!

  1.  First things first – secure your tennis courts!  

  1.  How do I get the club affiliated with TOC?

  1.  Are there eligibility rules?


  1.  Schools may charge member dues, and this will vary from school to school.  Associated costs may include court time and travel costs if you attend an event at another school.  

  1.  Other potential funding sources:


USTA Eastern Tennis On Campus

Sarah Lannon