Westford  Public  Library
Annual Fundraising Appeal

A well used library could use a little love.


There’s been some impressive usage this year:

120% increase in digital downloads of ebooks and audiobooks

22% increase in overall checkouts - over 16,000 items

Over 10,000 visits and over 2,700 people attended our programs

Over 500 hours of donated volunteer time

Please consider making a donation to the Westford Public Library in support of our efforts to maintain the very best library for our community.  More than just books, the library is a community gathering spot.   We want this spot to be comfortable and accessible to all.  We have made many improvements this year - maybe you noticed our new chimney, ramp and front porch?  

We are also working on some larger projects that could use your support.  Lighting, landscaping, and wetness and humidity issues are a few of the things the library is hoping to tackle in the coming year.

Donations in any amount would be appreciated.  Please make checks payable to “Westford Public Library”.  You can mail them (PO Box 86, Westford, VT 05494) or drop them off in person.  

With appreciation of the community’s support of your public library,

The Library Board of Trustees and Bree Drapa, your Library Director