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AAGC Executive Director_job announcement_June 2024
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Alabama Association for Gifted Children

Executive Director Position

Job Description

The Alabama Association for Gifted Children (AAGC), a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to support and advocate for gifted children and youth, their families, and educators in Alabama, is seeking to hire an  Executive Director for a remote part-time position. The organization seeks to hire an individual with a strong background in education, preferably gifted education. In addition, the position requires an individual who demonstrates effective communication skills, the ability to collaborate with others, and high levels of integrity,  honesty, and fairness. The Executive Director will report to the AAGC Executive Board, attend all meetings of the  Executive Council as a non-voting member, and serve as a contact person for the organization, in addition to the  President.  

The Executive Director will be a part-time contracted position with the number of hours of work per month dependent upon the organization’s needs and activities, averaging 15-20 hours a week. Compensation will be  $12,000/year, paid quarterly. Travel and other expenses for association-related events and activities will be reimbursed, as approved by the President and Executive Board.  

In addition to other duties which may be requested by the AAGC Executive Board, the Executive Director will  have the following responsibilities:


Prepare and/or assist the editor of the AAGC Newsletter and other publications

Oversee website, either by (1) personally adding content as needed; or (2)  communicating with website manager so that content is updated in a timely fashion Oversee communication with AAGC members and the public, including electronic  (email; social media) and mailings, as deemed necessary

Serve as public spokesperson for AAGC in conjunction with the President

Board-related Duties

Present a report at monthly Executive Council meetings

Prepare a written annual report as Executive Director to the Executive Board

Maintain membership database; promote membership growth

Assist with negotiating contracts for conference location and other contracts assigned by the Board

Organize and help manage AAGC documents and files, such as meeting minutes,  agendas, financial reports, etc. on a document-sharing site (e.g., Google Drive)

Attend the annual conference, board retreat, and other events sponsored by AAGC 

Oversee fundraising activities

Assist Executive Board and Committee Chairs in planning events such as AAGC’s Annual Conference; Gifted Education Month (GEM) activities, and any special events  sponsored by AAGC


Serve as point of contact for outreach/advocacy efforts with state and local entities Work as legislative liaison for AAGC to develop relationships with state legislators  through personal contacts, presentations to key legislative individuals/committees

Serve as liaison between AAGC and other organizations such as ALSDE, non-profit  organizations, education organizations, school boards, and community entities

Assist Parent Committee Chair in parent involvement/outreach efforts and  development of parent groups/affiliates

Prepare/make presentations to increase awareness about gifted children, advocate for  gifted education in Alabama, and garner support from other agencies/organizations

Travel as requested by the AAGC Executive Board

Interested individuals should submit a resume and cover letter to and complete the online application located HERE. The closing date for a completed application is  7/31/2024.