Advanced Gmail Options

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Edit your Labels (aka Folders from Outlook)

Access Contacts & Create a Group

View Email Distribution Groups

Search Directory

Create and Manage Tasks

Other Message Options

For additional help with Gmail you can access the Google Help page: 

Edit your Labels (aka Folders from Outlook)

When your Outlook email folders migrate to Gmail they come with a label of “Inbox/name of folder.”

All labels in gmail are listed alphabetically. You can edit these labels.

From the list on the left side scroll down to the label you want to change

Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Label. This will open a list of menu options.

Choose Edit in the dropdown menu.  

This will open a pop-up box. Edit your Label name. Click Save.

If you want to put your label as a sub-label / sub-folder check the box next to Nest label and choose the Parent folder from the dropdown list.

Click Save 

To personalize your Labels and add color choose from the options listed in your dropdown menu.

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Access Contacts & Create a Group

Your contacts are located in the drop down menu next to Mail.

You can create a group email for each of your classes / grade level teams to send out important messages.

In your Gmail, click on the dropdown arrow in the top left corner and click on Contacts

This will open your Contact List in a new tab. You can minimize/maximize each list by clicking on the dropdown arrows.

Scroll down and choose Create label.

A pop-up box will appear. Name the label and click OK

The new group will appear in your list under Labels

To add people to your group click on the Group (Label) Name from the list on the left side. Use the Search bar at the top to find people from your contacts/district directory.

Note if you click on LABEL CONTACTS it will give you another set of directions where you can add members through the district directory.

From the search, choose the person you want to add to the group label.

A pop-up box will appear.

Click on the 3 dots … (ellipses).

As you add labels to your contacts those labels will appear under the person’s name.

Select the labels you want to assign to that person.

To close the pop-up box click on the X next to the 3 dots … (ellipses).

You can search for another person to add to your Label (group).

Your contacts will be added to the label.

Your group members will appear in the list in the order you added them.

You can now send a group email message by typing the name of the Label (group) in your To area of an email message.

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View Email Distribution Groups

To see all members of a selected group please do the following.  In the waffle / Google apps icon go to Groups.

Type the name of the distribution group. For example type in *a and then hit search.

Click on "See all 89"

Click on the name of the group you wish view membership.

Click on You may view the list of members for this group.

You now can see the members of this email distribution group.

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Search Directory

You can search the District Directory for individuals to find their email / contact information.

Searching the Directory will allow you to add Contacts to your Contact list, add to / create a new Group or Send an Email

In Contacts scroll down and choose Directory

This will open the entire district Directory. By Default the directory is sorted alphabetically by First Name.

You can use the Search bar to look for individual’s contact information.

Choose multiple contacts by clicking in the box next to the name.

To add to your list of Contacts choose the Add to My Contacts button at the top of the page.

To add to a Group choose the Groups icon at the top of the page.

Select the Group(s) the Contact will be added to by placing a checkmark in the box next to the Group name.

Send an email to multiple contacts that are not in a Group by clicking on Envelope icon at the top of the page.

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Create and Manage Tasks

Access Tasks

Create New task

Complete tasks

Task Actions

Delete a task

Additional Options

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Other Message Options

To see other message options click on the arrow icon  at the top of the email message.








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