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7th & 8th Grade Parent Meeting FAQ's
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7th & 8th Grade HS Parent Meeting FAQs

7th Grade Parents

  1. Stay on top of your child’s grades. Check Aspen regularly.
  2. Begin to explore “Best Fit” High Schools for your child
  3. Attend Open House - If two open houses fall on the same day, have one parent/relative attend one and one attend the other. See upcoming  open houses schedules using the link below:

8th Grade Parents ONLY

  1. Schedule a High School meeting with Mrs. Brewer - Please complete this form using your child’s name

  1. Attend Open House - If two open houses fall on the same day, have one parent attend and one attend the other. See schedules open houses using this link:  

"Hidden Gems" HS Fair Exhibitors 2022 

CSG HS Fair Registration ($15/family with pre-registration; same day & walk-in registration is $25/family).  Registration is not finalized until payment or arrangements for fee waivers are made.

  1. Select Schools for ALL 26 options - 6 Selective Enrollment options, and 20 Choice Options. You should carefully research the available programs and apply to as many programs as you would accept an offer from. The more programs you apply to, the better your chances of receiving an offer

  1. Complete a GoCPS Application -
  1. Even if you are choosing a private option or you plan to move out of the district, STILL APPLY to GoCPS. 
  2. Students who do not have a CPS school selected via GoCPS are automatically projected to their neighborhood high school.
  3. Phillips is the neighborhood high school for students within South Loop attendance boundaries. Your child will be projected to the neighborhood high school based on the address we have on file  
  4. If you do not select a CPS school via GoCPS and you do not have or communicate to us  a private school option, your child will be projected to Phillips or your neighborhood highschool  at the end of the school year.
  5. South Loop does not have access to your child’s records after they have been projected to a high school.
  6. After June 7, 2023, it is the parents responsibility to transfer their child out of Phillips or their neighborhood high school and to the school of their choice.

  1. Set up a GoCPS account
  1. Apply via GoCPS 


There are a total of 900 points. 450 points come from final 7th grade grades and 450 points from 8th Grade high school admissions exam.

Final Grade from the students 7th grade school year will be issued points. If your child is new to CPS or did not attend a CPS school their 7th grade year, GoCPS will request that they upload their 7th grade transcript and test scores.

A = 112.5 pts

B = 75 pts

C = 38 pts

D = 0 pts

F = 0 pts

900 pts. -

450 pts - Final 7th grade Grades

450 pts - High School Admission exam for 8th Grade Students Taken at South Loop 

October 26, 2022 at South Loop School

HS Admission Exam Guide:

Applicants will accept or decline offers via their online GoCPS account. The deadline to accept or decline offers will be 3 weeks after offers are released.

GoCPS will no longer have a 2nd Round  - Students will remain on a continuous waitlist.

Applicants have two (2) BUSINESS DAYS AFTER OFFER ISSUED to accept or decline

Principal Discretion is a process that allows principals of the Selective Enrollment High Schools to fill a designated number of seats for ninth grade, outside of the regular selection process, and in strict compliance with the Principal Discretion guidelines. The Principal Discretion process takes place in the spring, following the first round of regular selection. Information about the process will be posted at in the spring. Principal Discretion only applies to the 11 Selective Enrollment High Schools.

Despite being a points based system, if you do apply for principal discretion, the high school is allowed to see how you ranked them. How you ranked the school is important to them. This is tricky and only applies to principal discretion. If your child does not qualify for a specific school based on their total points, but it is your school of choice, please rank the school as your first choice.  

Some Schools/Programs require admissions screenings in order for students to be considered in the selection process. These consist of admissions exams, auditions, information sessions, and interviews.

Attend a Family Training session. Click the link below to sign-up 


Setting Up Aspen Parent Portal

Parents will use Aspen Parent Portal to check their child's grades and receive grade-related alerts.  If you provided the school with an email address you should receive a verification email to set up your Parent Portal account within 48-72 hours after your child is enrolled. If you have not received this email within 72 hours, check your junk mail to be sure it wasn't delivered there. Once you receive the email, follow the steps in the email to set up your Parent Portal account. If you do not receive an email, reach out to the school for support. You may also use the websites below for more information regarding Aspen Parent Portal accounts and tech support.

If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the school.

Aspen Parent Portal 

How to video - 

Aspen Troubleshooting

Issues you may be experiencing with your Aspen Parent Portal Account



You can not set up your Aspen Parent Portal Account.

Follow the steps here 

If that does not work, email Mrs. Mendoza, Mrs. N. Garcia, or Mrs. Anders.

Forgot your password

Click on “Parent Portal Password Reset” on the log-in page

Locked out of your account

Wait for 24-hours before another sign-in attempt

If that does not work, Email Mrs. Mendoza, Mrs. N. Garcia, or Mrs. Anders

You forgot your password

Email Mrs. Mendoza, Mrs. N. Garcia, or Mrs. Anders

You’ve changed your email address since the account was set-up

Email Mrs. Mendoza, Mrs. N. Garcia, or Mrs. Anders

You want your South Loop students connected to the same parent account

Email Mrs. Mendoza, Mrs. N. Garcia, or Mrs. Anders

Your students are at different schools and you want them connected to the same parent account

Contact the IT Help Desk 773-553-3925 and place a ticket to have the email address changed

If you are locked out of your Parent Portal account, you can sign into your child’s Aspen Student Portal while you wait for your account to unlock or be reset. Please note, Students' accounts are sometimes automatically disabled during grade entry deadline periods to help alleviate the system overloads and avoid connection issues.


  1. 7th/8th Grade HS Meeting Recording 

  1. GoCPS Website

  1. GoCPS Application Website 

  1. High School Resources 

  1. High School Search - Use the search function to find the right CPS school for you! 

  1. High School FAQs Website 

  1. Subscribe to school-wide Announcements

Be sure to sign-up for school-wide announcements via this link 

  1. School Website 

  1. Bullying/Title IX Presentation

  1. CPS Rights & Responsibilities

  1. Office of Access & Enrollment Contact Information


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