Edmonds Heights K-12 Collection Development Policy

Collection Development is the process of selecting items for a library collection for the purpose of teaching and learning, academic research and personal enjoyment.

A school library is a dynamic collection of current materials to support learning.

This Document includes:

Selection Criteria

Teacher and Parent Educator Purchases


Damaged Materials

Aged Materials

Discarded Materials

Library Advisory Committee

Selection Criteria

The goal of EHK-12 Library Collection is to provide information that is a “mirror” and/or a “window” for all of our students. In order to ensure that all members of our community are reflected or mirrored inclusively we follow these guidelines when determining addition or retention of materials.

The Edmonds School District Policy: 2020P Section: 2000 - Procedure - Course Design, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials pages 9-10 “Library Learning Resource Selection,” which was adopted by the Edmonds School District February 11, 2019.

Library learning resource materials are those print and digital items accessible through the library that provide support for an area of the curriculum, information for independent study, or sources for enrichment and recreational interest.

The primary responsibility for the selection and deselection of library materials belongs to the Library Information Specialists (LISs), who are supervised by their principals.

Selection will be based on:

● Published evaluations or reviews; or

● Recommendations by an adoption committee, content area specialist, or department; or

● Recommendation by Student Learning; or

● Evaluation of the materials by the Library Information Specialist, and, if needed, in consultation with the district library coordinator/manager.

LISs will consider these factors as they use reason and professional judgment to select library materials:

● enriching and supporting student learning related to the state learning standards and district-adopted curriculum

● providing sufficient range to meet the various needs, abilities, interests, and development levels of students

● presenting balanced but differing views of issues, controversial or otherwise, in order that students may develop critical analysis and informed decision-making skills

● objectively representing the diversity of the United States and the world, including the current and historical experiences of diverse groups, considering diversity of race, ethnicity, culture, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, occupation, and life experiences

● free of stereotyping and gender, race, class, and other forms of bias, recognizing that under certain circumstances biased materials may serve as appropriate resources to present contrasting and differing points of view, and biased materials may be employed in order to teach students about bias, stereotyping, and propaganda in historical or contemporary contexts

● providing models which may be used as a vehicle for the development of self-respect and the appreciation of cultural (and other) differences

Adoption Date: 02.11.19 Edmonds School District Revised Dates

The entire document can be found at: https://www.edmonds.wednet.edu/UserFiles/Servers/Server_306670/File/About%20Us/School%20Board%20Policies%20&%20Procedures/Section%202000%20(NEW)/2020P%20Course%20Design%20Selection%20and%20Adoption%20of%20Instructional%20Materials-Final.pdf

Edmonds School District Policy: Race and Equity

Teacher and Parent Educator Purchases

When Teachers and Parent Educators purchase non-consumable materials for their teaching and learning, the purchases must first be processed by the library prior to their use in the classroom or home education program.  The materials are owned by Edmonds School District and must meet the criteria listed above in order to be added to the library’s general collection.

When materials are no longer needed by teachers or parent educators OR the teacher or parent educator leave EHK-12, the materials are the property of Edmonds School District and will be added to the library collection or a teacher’s classroom library. The Library Information Specialist has the right to discard materials that do not meet school district policy or if there are duplications in the library.


Donations are welcomed by the library but must meet the selection criteria in order to be added to the collection.  If the materials are duplicates of books already in the library, the one in the best physical shape will be kept.  Donated materials not added to the collection will be placed in a public area for families to take home for four weeks.  After this time, materials not taken will be sent to the warehouse.

Damaged Materials

If materials are damaged by a borrower, that borrower will be responsible for either paying for the item(s) or replaced with an item approved by the Library Information Specialist.

If materials are damaged or aged in the library, they will be repaired or if unrepairable, the LIS will determine if a replacement is warranted based on the selection criteria.

Aged Materials

The school library is a dynamic learning resource for the community.  With the exception of some literary classics which meet the selection criteria, materials should be less than 20 years old.  The school library is a collection for student learning,  not an archive.

Discarded Materials

This information is from the Library Information Technology Department of the Edmonds School District.

Process for removing books from a school library:

1.       Remove the copy from Destiny Circulation System.        

2.       Remove all school/district markings by blacking out with a permanent marker.

3.       Stamp or label “Discard”

4.       Optional:  Set weeded books out for classroom teachers to take for their classroom libraries.

5.       Send discard books to the district warehouse.  The books are property of Edmonds School District #15 and so they must remain in the district and cannot be gifted or sold.

6.       Note:  If books are in non-usable condition (filthy, pages missing, defaced with inappropriate words or drawings, etc), remove all district markings and recycle.

Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee consists of the Library Information Specialist, Curriculum specialist and Circulation Specialist along with volunteers from the community. The committee provides guidance to the Library Information Specialist.

In the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years the EHK-12 Equity Team has been a guiding influence on the library collection development priorities. The Library Information Specialist will also report to the Leadership Council and is supervised by the Principal.