Now in its 11th year Venture Off continues to bring students into God’s wilderness to behold His beauty, test their resolve in nature and build community among their peers.  

Since the beginning Venture Off has been about:

Creating opportunities. Venture Off gives students the ability to see and travel to places they may normally never get to experience.  Located in the heart of the Rockies, our students will experience God’s amazing creation with soaring 14,000-foot peaks, pristine alpine lakes, swirling sandstone canyons, and vast night skies.  Students will also have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership and outdoor training, as well as developing a strong Christian character.

Challenging students by living and interacting in an outdoor setting, they will constantly be faced with multiple challenges that stretch and grow their confidence and abilities.  Leadership skills will emerge and interpersonal communications will be sharpened.  Team building will be paramount as students make decisions on a daily basis regarding how best to live in community with one another.

Deepening relationships both with each other and Jesus.  While students are on these trips, it is our desire to grow them in their faith through relating their field experience to their lives at home.  The Heavens really do proclaim the work of God and we want our students to see that first hand.


While the JH Venture Off is limited to USCO students who have taken an adventure class, the high school trip is open to all students who are ready physically and mentally to handle the challenge.  

The 10-day trip will take students through many slot canyons in Utah as well as time in Colorado’s beautiful mountains.  No technical experience is required, however, students must show a base level of fitness by being able to run 5 miles in about an hour with an elevation gain of 500 feet.  


On a Venture Off expedition, you will be living and traveling in wilderness settings that will open you to certain risks. We believe those risks will give you rare opportunities to gain insight, grow in self‐ awareness, and change perspectives when necessary. Overcoming risk and uncertainty are central to the concept of adventure.

We have more than 15 years of experience leading youth groups into the wild (through programs at Spirit Academy in California and in our current program at The University School). We have qualified leaders with experience in all the areas of skill and discipline that we will encounter as well as wilderness medical training.  

The ability to communicate with emergency help is always a priority with us. On each trip, we are equipped with a device called “SPOT” which allows us, through satellite technology, to send for local search and rescue support from anywhere in the country. SPOT also allows family and friends to track our every move and see our current location on the internet using Google maps.