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Build Notes
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Build 0.1

Hello! This is the first build of Team Donair's SIP 2020 Game.

The game we have for you is a Raccoon stealth game. This first build is mostly about going through the build and test flight process, so feedback for the game specifically is not as important. However there are a few things we can explore even at this stage.

- How does the game run? There's some AI work going on in the background, does this lag the game?

- How does the game feel to play? Does the movement make sense?

- What did you do when you played the game? Where did you go towards.Thank you if you give feedback. Have fun, and we're excited to see where the game goes.

Build 0.102

Version 0.102

Things to look for:

Build 0.104

Version 0.104

Things to test:

Build 0.105

Version 1.05

Things to test:

Known Bugs

Build 0.12

Version 0.12

Things to test:

Build 0.130

Version 0.130

Things to test:

Build .200

Version 0.200

- Overhaul of in game art, including new design and animations for snatcher and new background tile set

- Direction indicator to locate flag

- New level select screen and UI improvements

- Bug fixes in game and between levels

- Effect enhancements

Things to Test:

- Does the animation work and run properly throughout the game?

- Is the UI clear?

- Do the extra effects clearly communicate actions in the game?

- Do you like the art direction

Build 0.210

Version 0.210

- Added a well configured start screen

- Added Powerup alert once every three levels

- Added a popup that shows information about a level before playing it

- Readded Mute button in game

- Additional art and mechanics set for implementation for Version 0.220. Stay tuned!

Build 0.220

Version 0.230

- Whole new set of 15 levels

- Revised in game UI assets

- Volume control slider

- Manholes to move around the level

- New powerup art

- Fixed loading bug of the last build.

- Added Analytics system

Things to Test:

- Are the levels more engaging then the last ones?

- Does UI and the new artwork in the game?

- Do all of the art assets work in game?

- Any slowdown in game compared to the last build?

Please send any bugs and feedback. We're swiftly approaching release.

Build 0.240

Version 0.240

- Added Lock and Key

- Remade early some levels

- UI Enhancements

- Added New Animations for enemies

- Memory and performance improvements


We're over halfway through the builds. Please be open with feedback, we want to make the best game possible.

Build 0.250

Version 0.250

- Changed movement to be based on a virtual joystick

- Updated background art assets

- Balanced enemies to be easier to avoid

- Trashcans now fade away when knocked over.

Build 0.300

Version 0.300

- Lighting added

- Minimap added to see where to go

- Powerup button. You can choose when to release a powerup and have an even stronger attack

Build 0.310

Version 0.310

- Updated lighting system

- Revamped levels 1-10


- No really we have a hat system now!

- You can give him a crown and that's really neat.

Build 0.330

Version 0.330

Build 0.350

Version 0.350

- New Music

- Improved Teleporter System

- New Transition Levels

- Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

This is our second to last build of SIP, thank you to everyone who has tried the game out.

Build 0.360

Version 0.360

- Added MassDiGI logo

- Added bonus level 10

That's it, the game will be released sometime in the next month. Thank you all for playing the beta.

- Elijah