The story I’m telling myself is…


Detect the ‘should’ and ‘need’ stories, 
or judgements / labels that seem meaningful. Work on 1 story at a time.

And when I repeat that story I feel it, here. (place hands)


Locate and observe bodily sensations. Close your eyes and repeat the story. Peaceful? Great! Painful? Turnaround...


The story, ‘turned around’, is…


Switch the verb!  Eg. ‘I Can't’ to ‘I Can’.’
I need’ to ‘I don’t need’. ‘I am’ to ‘ am not’.
‘They should be’ to ‘They shouldn’t be’

This new ‘opinion’ is as true as the old story, because…


Fnd examples / experiences from your past, or observations of others. How are others ‘just like you?’ How are you ‘like others?’


The facts are…

1. I feel  ______________________________________________ and that’s OK

2. I did /said __________________________________________ and that’s OK

3. What happened was_________________________________ and that’s OK

4.  I see here & now ____________________________________ and that’s OK

Filter out opinions, focus on facts. Include how you ‘feel now’, what ‘actually happened’ and ‘what you see/ are doing now’ Add ‘OK’ to each to accept them as they are.

I would like…


I could...


Turn the old story to your power
They’ to ‘I’.  ‘Need’ to ‘Would like’. ‘Should’ to ‘Could’. Consider exactly how you could be the change you want


It’s good that this happened! It’s helping me appreciate…




Pick out what you are learning. 
 opportunities this is presenting?
Can you see how the experience is positive? Recognise it and celebrate!

So, now I will…

1. _________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________________

Create a simple plan that is ‘do-able’
with small steps. Make them specific and within your ability. Focus on the process and value in the ‘doing’, regardless of the ‘outcome’. Plan, schedule, do, enjoy.

Mark Dunn, Positive Meditation & Neil Morbey Positively Mindful  (2019)

When you fight reality, you suffer. STOP. Make peace, learn and take positive action