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KSD 2020-2021 School Reopening FAQ
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Kosciusko School District 2020-2021 School Reopening

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated July 31st

What guidance is the district taking to provide a safe environment for its students?

The Kosciusko School District is advised by State and Local authorities and experts including:

  1. CDC Guidelines
  2. Mississippi Department of Health
  3. Mississippi Governor’s Executive Orders
  4. Local Health Experts
  5. The KSD Advisory Committee

What educational options will be available for the students?

There will be two primary options available for students this coming year:

  1. Traditional School Days: This will be a five days a week in class option. It will follow the pre-approved calendar of 180 days.
  2. Virtual School: This option will allow students to learn from home over the internet using Google Classroom and other platforms for a contact free experience.

What will the district do to ensure everyone is safe?

The Kosciusko School District will be taking the following steps to best ensure the safety of all students and staff.

  1. A full-time school nurse will be added to the staff.
  2. Social Distancing will be in place wherever possible
  3. Classroom sizes will be lowered wherever possible
  4. Employees will be required to wear face coverings
  5. Students will be encouraged to wear face coverings
  6. Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the campuses
  7. Hallway movement of students will be limited to reduce contact
  8. Recess and other activities will not combine classes
  9. Daily disinfecting of classrooms
  10. Meals will be provided in the classrooms wherever possible
  11. Breakfast will be grab and go only (eaten outside of the cafeteria)
  12. Cafeteria seating will be limited to 50% or less
  13. Buses will be disinfected after each route, morning and afternoon

Will the students and staff be screened for symptoms?

Yes. Every person entering the campuses will be screened at the door by a touchless thermometer. If anyone presents a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher, they will be released to go home.

Will the students be screened on the buses?

Yes. Each bus will have additional staff with thermometers to check each student before entering the bus. If any child presents with a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher, they will not be allowed on the bus.

What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19?

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they will stay home for 10 days and must have at least 3 days without fever.

Will the district notify parents of a COVID-19 positive case?

Yes. If a positive case occurs, the parents/guardians will be notified.

For each case, notifications will be sent to the parents/guardians of every student in each class and extracurricular activity that the COVID-19 positive student attended.

What if a teacher tests positive for COVID-19?

If a teacher tests positive with COVID-19, they will be away from the school for 10 days and have at least 3 days without a fever.

Will the school shut down again?

School closings will be decided based on guidance from the Mississippi Governor, The Mississippi Department of Health, The Mississippi Department of Education, the advisement of local medical professionals, and by the Kosciusko School District Advisory Committee.

Who do I contact if I have technical questions regarding virtual learning?

Questions regarding technical issues with virtual learning can be addressed by phone at the office of the school your student is attending.

 Will the students who choose virtual classes need to be logged in at 8 AM as if they are at school, or will the lessons be recorded so that they can be done in the evening if needed? 

Lessons will be pre-recorded and will be scheduled to be available for a limited time each day. Live camera interaction is planned for the lower grades (Pre-k - 3rd Grade).

How will a virtual student get internet service if it is not available in their area?

 The district will provide a list of available places that wifi will be available and will have a limited amount of hotspots to check out.

Will a student in virtual classes be able to change to traditional learning for the 2nd semester?

Yes, a student will be able to switch back to traditional.

What will virtual classes look like?

Pre-recorded lessons will be available for the higher grades (see below for sample). Live camera interaction is planned for the lower grades (Pre-k - 3rd Grade).

Will personal hotspots and Chromebooks be provided to virtual students?

Chromebooks will be dispensed as needed to students who need access to equipment to complete their lessons. Hotspots will be available, but will be limited in number.

What will band and other extracurricular activities look like for virtual students?

 All extracurricular activities will require in person attendance.

Will assignments for virtual students be turned in online or at the school?

 Virtual class assignments will be turned in online.

Will virtual school need to be attended at the building? 

No physical attendance will be required for virtual students.

How is attendance taken online for virtual students?

Students must login to their online classes daily to be counted present.

Will there be video instructions from teachers? 

Yes. Teachers will pre-record instruction for students in the form of video links. Live camera interaction is planned for the lower grades (Pre-k - 3rd Grade).

Will Junior High and High School go back to school? 

All campuses will return to traditional school with the option for students to choose virtual school. All schools will use the schedule approved for the 2020-2021 school year.

How does a virtual student apply for any devices they may need for virtual school?

If the student is registered for virtual school, they can come to their school on August 4th and 5th during 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM if a device is needed.

How will the class capacity be handled as far as the maximum number of students allowed in the classroom?

 Each class will be scheduled to contain the fewest amount of students possible.

How will social distancing be performed in order to maintain safety for the students and teachers? 

Every effort to socially distance will be implemented.

Examples include:

Cafeteria at half capacity

Hallway traffic limited

Break areas limited

Staggered recess schedule

Staggered restroom breaks

If my student has a health risk that places them at a higher risk, what will be the best option for me to choose?

To best protect the safety of our students, we will be implementing all prudent safety protocols in our schools. However, we will offer a contact free learning experience through our virtual school option. Any parent may choose virtual learning for their child.

Will students be staggered in changing classes?

Every effort will be made to limit traffic in the hallways.

When will school start?

School will start on August 17th.

If a child is out due to illness over an extended period, will they be able to make up their work?

We will work with students on an individual basis to best assist their education.

Will teachers do their own temperature checks for each class?

 Every student and staff member will have their temperature checked upon entering the buses and buildings each day. The staff nurses will be available to assist throughout the day as needed.

How many positive cases will be necessary to cause the schools to close?

We will continually consult with medical experts to daily monitor our ongoing situation.

Due to the cut-off of last semester, will the technology fee be added this year?

There will be no technology fee this year.

Will bus route times start earlier to accommodate the temperature checks and seating.  

We will be adding a bus monitor on each bus to check the temperature of students to keep the buses running safely and efficiently.

How will the school distribute textbook materials across the traditional and virtual student options?

We will continually monitor resource requirements to best meet the needs of the students.

How long will students have for lunch?

 The amount of time for lunch will remain the same.

Will students who bring their lunch be limited to a certain kind of food container?

No changes will be made for lunches brought from home.

How many devices per household will be given in the case of multiple childhood homes?

Each virtual student will be provided a Chromebook as necessary.

Will teachers be allowed to implement their own cleaning/maintainability items/routines for their classes? 

Each teacher will be allowed to maintain their classes in their own style within the prescribed policies and procedures of the district.

What will students who drive have to do if they are responsible for picking up younger siblings? 

There will be no change to these procedures.

Were nurses hired at each school or just one nurse for the district?

 There are two nurses in the district. The district has hired one full-time nurse and one part-time nurse that will be available across all schools.

Who will be over the isolation areas for students who show possible symptoms?

The isolation areas will only be a temporary holding place for students who show possible symptoms until the student’s guardian can pick them up. Each school will have staff to monitor the rooms. Students will be distanced from each other as required. Each school will have their own isolation areas.

Will mask design or wording be restricted?

The current dress code policy will be in place and will be applied to mask designs.

Will extra masks be available in the schools in case a student needs one?

Masks will not be required for students.However, a limited quantity of masks will be available to students in the office of each school.

Students cannot share food, but what if they run out of food?

 Food will be available in the cafeterias of each school and is available to students.

If there is no homeroom, how can you know what to prepare for lunch number wise?

Students will indicate their lunch option through procedures set at each school.

Will the management of car rider lines change, or will car pick ups be staggered after bus loading?

The district will work diligently to provide safe and efficient drop off and pickups each day.

What will be done when a student who needs isolation, but no one is available to pick them up?

Someone will be required to pick up the student or the appropriate officials will be contacted.

What is the protocol for children who are not allowed to board the bus due to fever above 100  and show no other symptoms?

Parents must be present until the student is cleared to board the bus.

How will virtual students take part in extracurricular activities?

Students will need to be physically present for all extracurricular activities.

What will attendance for sports events look like? Will seating be limited? If so, will season ticket holders, parents, students or fans get preference?

We will follow the prescribed guidelines of the Mississippi High School Activities Association and local health officials.

Will the increased air circulation on buses be mandated on days with extreme heat, cold, or other extreme weather conditions?

Increased air circulation will not be prioritized over inclement weather, and will be monitored daily.

Due to the increased air circulation, will students be allowed to wear shorts of a decent length?

The current dress code policies will remain the same.

Who is on the advisory committee?

The committee is composed of local doctors, nurses, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Will Driver’s Ed classes be available during the 2020-2021 school year?

No. Driver’s Ed classes will not be held this year.

What will Virtual Students receive help if they need assistance understanding a specific topic?

Google Classroom and other learning platforms that will be used have direct interaction with the teachers and can be used to ask questions.

Will desks have some type of partition separating them?

Not at this time.

Will Virtual Students be able to participate in extracurricular activities?

Yes. However, all extracurricular activities will require physical attendance.

Will Virtual School be synchronous or asynchronous?

Virtual School will be mostly asynchronous with the possibility of some synchronous depending on the class/teacher/circumstance.

Is 7:30 AM the earliest time the students can arrive on campus at all schools?

Yes. Students will not be received on campus before 7:30 AM.

Will Virtual Students still be able to be part of the Quest program?

Yes. Virtual Students will be able to participate in the Quest program.

When a student has signed up for virtual classes how will they know what to do, will they have to attend campus on day one and such?

Videos will be posted on the school website to help students and parents log into a Chromebook as well as the virtual platform.

Will elementary students still be able to participate in speech if parents choose the virtual learning option?

Speech, gifted, and special education will be offered.

If a student has to quarantine due to being exposed to the virus in the classroom, would his/ her siblings have to quarantine as well?

Yes, if a student quarantines, then family members will be quarantined as well.

Will there be any virtual study hall hours where a teacher is available for a video call so students can ask questions? 

Students can email questions to teachers.  Teachers will respond in a timely manner.

How will online tests and quizzes work?

A time limit will be given for tests and assignments.