Committee Meeting - 12 Nov


  1. The concert

  1. What time to get there for rehearsal - how we should rehearse

  2. Where to unpack / keep our things

  3. Getting deputies (timpani, do we need strings?)

  4. Ticket situation

  5. Volunteers (door, wine, etc)

  1. The bank

  2. Next semester

  1. Repertoire

  2. Recruitment

  1. Peter and the Wolf…

1a. Arrive by 6:20 (doors available from 6:30), concert start at 7:45

1b. Side room

1c. KT to ask Alfie, CJ to ask LCO

1d. No tickets

1e. Volf’s wife

2. next week…

3a. 10 pieces were shortlisted, KT to implement survey


4. Matt Berry? Weatherman?