There are so many ways to help us work toward safer communities. Peruse the descriptions and then get in touch. Let’s discuss how one of these can be the perfect fit for you!

The Soul Box workshop is located in Room 37 at the

Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy

For more info, Contact: Sarah soulboxteam@gmail.com / 971.266.0492

1. Exhibit Panel Prep

Make the structural backbones of the exhibit panels: mesh with Velcro edges. We are ⅓ of the way to our D.C. panel goal!

● Your talent: careful measuring and cutting

● Availability: at Multnomah Arts Center (M-F 10-1, S/S: 9-5)

Soul Box support: instruction, materials, workspace & camaraderie

2. Panel Stitchers

Work with a partner to tie Soul Boxes onto exhibit panels passing a needle through the mesh. Volunteer with a friend or meet someone new--this is a great opportunity to spend an hour or two in a friendly chat.

● Your Talent: some manual dexterity, working with a partner--only one of whom must be able to deftly tie simple knots with dental floss

● Your Availability: typically 10am-noon, Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, at Multnomah Arts Center. Other times may be arranged.

Soul Box Support: instruction, materials, a partner (if needed), workspace & camaraderie

Sign-up schedule here.

3. Host at the Soul Box Workshop

We need regular hosts at the SB workshop (Multnomah Arts Center) to welcome visitors, explain the Project, show people how to fold a Box, do small assigned tasks as they arise. We could also accommodate more volunteers if we opened the workshop for afternoons, evenings, weekends.  

● Your Talent: reliable schedule, friendly, and familiar with regular workshop Box-making.

● Your Availability: 3 hours at regular intervals for afternoon, evening or weekend hours of your choice. MAC is open Sat/Sun 9-5 or M-F evenings until 9:30. Currently the room is staffed from 10-1 weekdays 

Soul Box Support: orientation to workshop tasks, access to workshop

4. Transportation

At the Multnomah Arts Center workshop, place panels in plastic sleeves and carefully stack them into your vehicle. Help free workspace in the workshop by driving finished panels to the storage facility at Public Storage at 8437 SW Barbur Blvd. A large capacity vehicle is helpful, but not necessary.

● Your Talent: able to lift and shelve 2’ x 2’ mesh panels, in possession of a car of any size

● Your Availability: monthly or periodically

Soul Box Support: scheduling another person to help handle panels and access the spaces

5. Data-Entry 1: Checking Boxes Against the Database

Check names on Incoming Boxes at the workshop against an existing database of names. Note names on new Boxes then sort unique from duplicates. This is easiest if you bring your own laptop.

Your Talent: accuracy, your own laptop, familiarity with Google Sheets (similar to Excel).

Availability: weekly, at Multnomah Arts Center (M-F 10-1, S/S: 9-5)

Soul Box Support: full instruction, space at the SB workshop

6. Data-Entry 2: Adding Names to the Database

Names included on display panels must be typed into our records (on Google Sheets).

● Your Talent: familiarity with Google Sheets.(similar to Excel), typing accuracy

Availability: at home or at the workshop.

Soul Box Support: full instruction, space at the SB workshop

7. Photography

Social media is a hungry beast, requiring regular “feeding.”  To inspire Box-makers across the country, we need photographs of all kinds of Boxes, individually and in groups. Photograph 100-200 boxes monthly, in both rectangular (for PR) AND square (for social media) formats. Upload to Google Photos. See examples on the website gallery.

Your Talent: a phone/camera, photographic eye (attention to sharp focus, good light, color, framing, etc.)

Availability: MAC is open Sat/Sun 9-5 or M-F evenings until 9:30. Currently the room is staffed from 10-1 weekdays

Soul Box Support: orientation and access to Boxes

8. Box-Making Leader

Create a Soul Box Project gathering, show people how to fold Boxes, collect Boxes made and deliver them to the workshop. You can help out one time or regularly, at your home or a public venue such as a community or faith center near you. 

● Your Talent: Ability to contact possible attendees. Friendly, and familiar with the mission of the Project and Box-making

● Your Availability: dates of your choice, in your home for a private gathering or for the public in community spaces.

Soul Box Support: materials, instruction & contact information as needed. Online publicity if the event is public.

9. On-Call Event Staff                        

We receive requests from various groups to bring the Project to their event or meeting. Can you sit or stand at a table, hand out flyers, talk to people about the Project, and show how Boxes are made? In some circumstances, this may also require making a short presentation about the Project.

Your Talent: familiarity with the Soul Box Project mission, able to talk to the public

Availability: Variable. Possible public venues for regular sessions include the

  1. Elizabeth Jones Art Center, 516 NW 14th Avenue, Portland, Wed-Sun 12-5
  2. Cerimon House 5131 N.E. 23rd Ave, Portland

Soul Box Support: Display and info materials as needed, talking points

10. Volunteer Coordinator

Regular help scheduling, communicating with, and/or recruiting volunteers.

Your Talent: Big-hearted praiser with excellent organizational skills

Availability: weekly, from home and/or at the workshop

Soul Box Support: Work closely with staff to identify needs and connect volunteers to help with tasks.

For more information about these opportunities

Contact: Sarah soulboxteam@gmail.com / 971.266.0492

Updated: February 3, 2020