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Share Your Treasures

Guidelines DRAFT

The Center for Knit and Crochet Collections Resource

This document provides guidelines for what counts as a “treasure” that might be included in The CKC’s Collections Resource. What CKC collects and shares as a part of this resource will be adjusted over time as we learn more about the scope and character of knitting, crochet, and related arts currently available in personal and public collections.

Treasure: Working Definition

 A “treasure” can be an everyday item, a ceremonial item, or a work of art; it can be in pristine condition or in fragments; it can be hundreds of years old, or in some cases, just finished.  It is definitely:

Made by hand using one of the following techniques:


  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Related “single element” techniques such as Tunisian crochet, cross-knit looping, and others

Tells a story of interest to our field:


  • Personal, political, cultural, religious
  • Or of tools, materials, techniques, design, invention, manufacture, function, or purpose;
  • Or of communities, and their geography, identity, and traditions, including the migration, influence, or confluence of these

Developing Criteria for CKC Digital Repository Collections

For the purposes of creating a test set for use in designing our system, we are dividing our collecting interests in the field of knitting and crochet into four broad subject matter categories. Click on a category to see the criteria for that category:

We are also interested in including objects about which little is currently known – whether for the purposes of finding out more about them, or to create an expansive cohort for research.  If you are not sure whether to include your object in CKC’s Digital Repository, just ask!  Contact:

Social & Cultural History

Inclusive dates: Before 2005 CE



Objects that tell a personal story, are part of a family’s or community’s history or experience

  • Victorian christening shawl with family provenance

Examples of an identifiable ethnic/ regional style of making

  • Latvian, Shetland, Turkish, Norwegian, Peruvian, etc.

Items that reveal influences of social, cultural, historical, or geographic migration

  • Turkish oyas
  • Andean caps

Objects reflecting regional or global confluence of aesthetics, style, materials, techniques, design, or purpose, or a contemporary perspective or adaptation

  • Sanquhar Gloves

Items outstanding in some aesthetic or technical way

  • Shetland lace shawl, etc.


Political History

Inclusive dates: Up to the present time



Objects with political, ceremonial, memorial or symbolic use

Items made in support of a cause

Objects made as a sign of solidarity and/or organized protest

Fashion History

Inclusive dates: Up to the present time



Objects representative of an identifiable period in fashion history

  • Victorian beaded bags
  • Classic 1950’s cardigan

Objects representative of a class of fashionable materials or techniques

  • Bead knitting, Entrelac, cables, etc.

Objects outstanding in some way: technically or aesthetically interesting; unusual construction or material; noted artist’s or designer’s work; belonged to a noted individual

  • Elsa Schiaparelli “Bowknot Sweater”
  • Herbert Neibling lace doily

Exemplars of a recognizable “iconic” style or product, whether historical or contemporary

  • Bohus sweaters, Aran sweaters, etc.

Works of Art

Inclusive dates: Up to the present time



One-of-a-kind or prototypes

  • Mary Walker Phillips wall hanging
  • Kaffe Fassett swatches        

Individual or collaborative works

  • Ted Hallman sculpture
  • Artisphere Yarn Bomb (images, elements)        

Includes art-to-wear, wall hangings, sculptures, architectural textiles, and installations (or elements thereof)

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