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Peer Tutoring
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Peer Tutoring

Instructions to students:

Please ensure that you sign the attendance sheet in the library seminar (Boti is creating this) and have the student you are helping sign in each session.  Be professional, a big part of this tutoring will be organization and positive, supportive interactions with students.  This program is a wonderful opportunity for leadership and stewardship with our St. Joseph’s community.  You will receive community service hours and letter of recommendation from guidance for your assistance with this program.

Monday’s - 2:15-2:45pm (Library Seminar Room)

Teacher: Supervisor Joyanne Van Larrhoven

Student Volunteers - Brayden Miller, Marco Bosco, Hayley Apted, Sabrina Savoia, Botond Ivan, Colby Fuller

Wednesday’s - Both Lunches (Library Seminar Room)

Teacher: Library (Deason, Houle)

Student Volunteers -

Lunch A - cancelled until further notice

Kileigh Harrington (Lunch B), Aryton Antenucci (Lunch B), Botond Ivan (Lunch B)

Thursday’s - 2:15-2:45pm (Library Seminar Room)

Teacher: Supervisor Mel Dunn

Student Volunteers - Brayden Miller, Colby Fuller, Sabrina Savoia, Hayley Apted.