John Pule Art Reflection-Caitlin


Success Criteria (I was able to :)

G = I was able to achieve this skill/concept

O = I was able to achieve some of this skill/concept but need to keep practising

R = I was not able to complete this skill/concept

Use traffic lights eg. G, O R


Use traffic lights eg. G, O R

(my assessment)

  • have at least 45 boxes in my art

  • Include the number 50 (for Elm Park Birthday celebrations) and my initials.

  • Make sure my patterns were clear and easily identifiable eg. pasifika, maori, asian etc (I did not just draw pictures because these are not patterns)

  • Mix my symbols and pattern boxes around so that my symbols stood out.

  • Use thin lines and thick lines on my John Pule Art

I really enjoyed using the indian ink because I used it to make my patterns and symbols stand out by using thin and thick lines.

What I found tricky was to make sure that I didn’t smudge the indian ink on my page because it was still wet and the ink hadn’t settled on the paper.

Next time I will try to get rid of my smudges by wiping a bit of ink off of my pen and cover my smudges by turning them into patterns or symbols.