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Overview of preliminary research for MTB MLE

Brief introduction to the reasons why preliminary research is needed and the people who are best equipped to do it.

Resource for MTB MLE researchers 

Goals, objectives and other features of MTB MLE research in non-dominant language communities

Baseline information for planning MTB MLE programs

Template for documenting information used for planning and evaluating MTB MLE programs

Baseline information for assessing MTB MLE program progress

Template for documenting baseline information to assess progress of MTB MLE programs

Literacy attitudes survey

Template with questions that local researchers can use to understand and document the attitudes of community members towards their own and other languages.

Literacy in use survey 

Template for documenting the ways that the L1 is (or is not) used in the local community before a MTB MLE program is initiated; can be used as the basis for assessing progress

Pre-test for children

Suggested components for a pre-test to assess young children’s familiarity with oral and written L1 and  L2.

Test for reading ability: young people and adults

 Example of pre-test to assess reading ability in English; can be adapted for other languages

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