Seventh Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team



Monday- Review for LEAP

Tuesday-Thursday- ELA/Math LEAP. In class Fruit Loop activity

Friday- Complete questions on Fruit loop activity for a grade.


Monday- Review for LEAP

Tuesday-Thursday- ELA/Math LEAP--get lots of rest and come to school ready to rock the LEAP!!

                                           Begin Unit 4--”Behind the Scenes”

Friday- Continue with Unit 4

Have a great Spring Break! Be ready to come back and finish out the school year strong!

Social studies

Monday -- We will start Unit 4 District Assessment. Because of testing schedule, I may not see everyone everyday so the plan is to take test when I see them. It will be paper based and then put answers in computer due to state testing.

7th grade students will be state testing ELA and Math on Tuesday, April 9th to Thursday, April 11th. We will go back to normal schedule on Friday, April 12th.

Spring Break is April 13th to 22nd. Students return on Tuesday, April 23rd


MRS. REED only

Monday: weather lesson 2

Tuesday - Thursday: weather lesson 3

Friday: weather lesson 4 day 1

girls Health and Pe

Volleyball and Recreational Games

boys health and pe

Volleyball and Recreational Games


Students will learn various sewing skills and complete a sewing sampler.  Students will progress through each skill and place samples in a booklet to be graded.  Early Finishers will have advanced skills to practice.


FABRIC Needed for 4/12/19


Upcoming Events 

 Band Fundraisers this year:  Try to start wrapping up chocolate sales, so we can start getting to the end of the fundraiser.


Refer to the calendar below for testing dates.  As a reminder, our goal is 100% attendance every day!  Also, all cell phones, Smart Watches, Fitbits, etc. are to remain home these days.  If  students bring electronic devices to school during testing days, the device will be picked up during testing and will be returned at at the end of the day.  Thank you for your help and cooperation.