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The NEXT School COVID-19 Guidelines
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The NEXT School COVID-19 Guidelines

This guidance is intended for The NEXT School’s campuses (NEXT High School in Greenville, SC and NEXT School Eagle Ridge in Salem, SC) to create response plans for known or possible cases of COVID-19 or known contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. This information is based on current information regarding COVID-19 from SCDHEC and the CDC (links to sources in footer).

Peers & Pros with symptoms of COVID-19

Peers and Pros should be excluded from school and should not return until they have either tested negative for COVID-19 or a medical evaluation determines that their symptoms were more likely due to another cause (e.g. runny nose due to allergies) if they have:

Any one (1) of the following:

Any two (2) of the following:

Return to School After COVID-19 Symptoms or Diagnosis

Peers and Pros are not to return to school until they have met the following criteria:

  1. tested negative for COVID-19 or
  2. a medical evaluation determines that their symptoms were due to another cause (e.g. sore throat due to strep throat). In this latter case, the individual can return when they meet the criteria for that condition.


Peers and Pros who develop symptoms of COVID-19 but do not get tested could limit DHEC’s ability to appropriately respond to new cases and ensure the health and safety of other Peers and Pros. PCR testing (nose or throat swab) is highly recommended and is strongly preferred over antibody testing.


If a Peer and Pro has been told they were a close contact to a case of COVID-19, they have to complete a quarantine period. They will be required to stay home so they do not risk exposing others to COVID-19 if they become sick. DHEC staff will inform them or the school of the length of their quarantine period. For Peers, a parents’ note that they have been cleared from quarantine may be used to allow a return to school. Below are general guidelines for quarantining:

Questions & Answers

Q: Will my child be sent home from school and excluded from attendance for 10 days if he/she has a cough or runny nose? What if he/she has a statement from their doctor indicating they suffer from seasonal allergies?

A: Attendance Guidance will come from the state and our Attendance Clerk will communicate with families on considerations for exclusion from school attendance.

NEXT Schools will follow the guidance of The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) & South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DEHC) on who needs to be sent home because of COVID-19 symptoms.

If a peer reports to the Healthroom Attendant with symptom(s) of COVID-19, he/she may be sent home. If, after being sent home, the peer receives a letter from their healthcare provider indicating that COVID-19 is not a suspected cause, and this documentation is provided to the school, the peer may return to school.

An annual letter stating the peer sufferers from seasonal allergies is not sufficient to rule out a peer from being sent home from school.

Q: My peer requires a dose of his/her medication daily with their lunch. Will they be permitted to take medication at school this year?

A: Yes, peers who require medication while at school will be able to receive their medication. This year, first day doses will not be given at school and are the responsibility of the parent/caregiver. If you need a form for prescription medication, please see the front desk. Once this form is filled out by parent and doctor we will then have a nurse write an Individualized Health Plan (IHP). Once the IHP is written the peer will then be able to take their medication. They will go to the records room to take their medication.

Q: Will peers be provided with comfort measures for various ailments?

A: This depends on the ailment. Parents are encouraged to reach their peer self-care, and could send their child to school with bandaids, lip balm, lotion, etc. These items (with the exception of bandaids for actively bleeding cuts) will most likely not be available to peers.

Q: What can I expect if my peer is suspected of having COVID-19?

A: The peer will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms, and isolated and sent home if the screening indicates COVID-19 is a possibility. The peer will remain in the isolation room until a parent arrives. Parents will be given pick up instructions and a letter sent home with the peer indicating when they can return to school.

Q: My peer comes to the Healthroom for feminine hygiene products. Will she be able to get those this year?

A: Peers should be sent to school with their own person supply everyday. Healthroom supplies are for emergency purposes, and should not be used as routine supply. If a peer has a need for supposet in this area due to financial reasons, please contact the front office for assistance.

Guidance from SCDHEC and the CDC        Information Updated July 20, 2020