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Library Board Meeting March 10 2021
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Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

5:30 P.M.  via Zoom

                          Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Jean called the meeting to order at 5:33.

Present:  Jean Joslin, Trish Read, Sally Reisner, Carol Hosford, David Babic, Jason Butler, Anna Church


Approve bylaws

Strategies for opening the library more fully

Dealing with “banned” books (Tabled)


Friends’ Report, Old Business


Minutes for the last regular meeting and the special meeting of February 24th were approved unanimously with Sally offering the motion and David seconding.

Children’s Librarian’s Report:

Anna reported that she is collaborating with Warren’s Library to offer a monthly middle grade book club.  Inspired by the book “To Night Owl from Dogfish,” which has two authors, participants have been exchanging homemade books and adding to the stories they receive.

The MRV libraries have been collaborating on Trivia nights.  They will soon begin planning summer programs around the theme “Tails and Tales.”

Library Director’s Report

Jason presented an overview of circulation numbers.  In spite of the library being closed, 434 items were circulated through curbside pickup in February.  Kanopy, a movie site, is now active and had 101 plays.  21 new patrons signed up via our online sign-up form.

MRV libraries are presenting a program on Amphibian Road Crossing training on March 11th.  They are also working on a seed swap.  On March 22nd there will be a digital services Zoom meeting, at which time people can ask tech & services related questions.

Jason has worked on adding to our collection by and about black authors, artists, activists, and historical and political figures.

Reopening the Library

Jason estimates that we may be able to open in late April or early May.  The Board will meet via Zoom on April 14th to look at an opening date.

President’s Report:

An RFP for doing the work on the lights, which will be paid for by a grant Joshua Schwartz has helped us obtain, will invite electricians to look at the job March 23rd. The project must be completed by the end of July.

Kerry Keown is helping us set up a checking account at the  Northfield Bank.

Myndy Woodruff is going to fix The Bridge Street Door, which has a significant crack in it.

The Board tabled Jean’s “To Do” list.  Members will discuss it at the next regular meeting.


The Board voted to accept the new Bylaws developed by Jason, with suggestions by Trish.  Trish moved to accept; David seconded.

Treasurer’s Report and Financial:

David presented our Profit and Loss sheet, noting that there is still significant money in the books/materials line.  Our Edward Jones account continues to grow.

David asked to make a small change in our Edward Jones account.  The Board accepted his suggestion.

Evaluations of Jason and Anna:

The Board discussed Jason’s and Anna’s goals for the coming year with them.

Executive Session to Discuss Personnel pursuant to VSA 313:

Trish moved and Sally seconded that we go into executive session at 7:03. The session ended at 7:11.

Changes of meeting dates:

The Board decided to change the dates of regular meetings to the third Wednesday of the month instead of the second.  Future meetings will take place on May 19, July 21, September 15, and November 17.

At 7:12 Jean moved to adjourn.  David seconded.  All agreed.

Respectfully submitted,    

Carol Hosford, Secretary