SLOKC General Meeting Minutes

Date: 9/20/17

Open Meeting: 6:40pm at Round Table Pizza in Atascadero, CA by Carrie

Introductions & members in attendance: (Attendance Sheet)

Robin Blackburn, Mary Brown, Jeanette Ferguson, Cindy Fleenor, Janell Fleenor, Carrie Muir, Shari Ziegenbein, guest Joan Earhardt


Treasurer’s Report:  

Past Show Business: May 13-14, 2017

Ok, here's what I was able to find about scholarships at this point...this is taken directly from the Jr Showmanship Rules and Regulations book:

So we are doing as instructed, basically. Hold funds until Jr requests it sent to the school. Bummer. I will continue to research this and see what we can do, but I'm thinking it might not be much more than what we are doing already. That is, if we want to keep it a scholarship.

We can do other things like gift cards and US Savings Bonds, too. They have those pre-pay credit cards that might work, but then, there's no guarantee those funds will be used for school and not Starbucks or smartphones.

Next Show: March 29 - April 1 2018 - Including Easter Day

New Business:

Next Meeting: October 25th at 6:30pm at Round Table Pizza in Atascadero
Note: October meeting is when nominations for next year’s officers are accepted.  You must be present in order to be nominated.

Close Meeting
: 7:53pm by Carrie

Minute Taker: Secretary Janell Fleenor