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Rumana Shaikh

Spu Trex Internship

Week 1: July 6-12


Location Observed: Liberty State Park

        My first impressions while doing observations at Liberty State Park is that there are numerous flora and fauna that I found. I have been visiting this park for long period of time since I stay in Jersey City. Before, I did not know specific names of different species but from week one, I was able to learn their names and understand the aspects of green spaces found at Liberty State Park better. I was exhilarated with the fact I was able to research around park, capture their pictures, ID them on iNaturalist app, and discover specific genus and species name. If my research was incorrect, other scientists on app were able to assist me in finding accurate species name which was fun. However, wildlife at Liberty State Park is well known and contains great diversity since it is 1,200 acres. It is separated into various sections such as Caven Point, Freedom Way, Ellis Island, Waterfront Walkway, and 9/11 Memorial. Liberty State Park offers great recreational areas for fishing, picnic, and ferry rides to enjoy the nature aspects and study historical facts about Statue of Liberty. Some of Flora and Fauna I found from these different sections of Liberty State Park were Common Hibiscus, Shasta Daisy, Purple Coneflower, American Robin, Ribwort Plantain. Mallow Family, Common Sunflower, True Lilies, Russian Sage, Great Mullein, Bird’s Foot Trefoil, Tree-of-Heaven, Red Pine, Canada Goose, Black-Eyed Susan, and Rock Pigeon. It is significant to understand that some factors that can influence this species diversity are migration and seasonal changes. Moreover, my experience with this project so far has been amazing since it is a great way to explore outdoors and go on adventures by studying all types of flora and fauna.

Liberty State Park (Picture captured during observation by me)

Resource Utilized

  1. (Website for navigation)
  2. iNaturalist app observations and data I gathered for species names