Fourth Presbyterian Church

Confirmation Faith Narrative Assignment

Since September, Confirmation has sought to prepare you to make a profession of faith and become an Active Member of Fourth Presbyterian Church. Whether you were baptized as a child or whether you will be baptized upon your profession of faith, Pastor Rocky and your Circle Group Leaders have invited you to reflect on the central claims of the Christian faith as expressed in the Apostle’s Creed and to relate them to your own life.

Now, as the year comes to an end, we ask you to share what this process has meant for you. Your Confirmation Faith Narrative will be shared with Pastor Rocky, the Confirmation Circle Leaders, and the Session of Fourth Church (the elected group of Elders who are responsible for receiving people into Active Membership). The prompts below are offered as a guide. They suggest that you structure your narrative in three sections--the past, the present, and the future—so that what you write will be less of a statement about what you believe and more a story of your life in faith. You are not expected to answer every prompt; they are there to guide your story.

Please call or email Pastor Rocky if any part of the statement gives you trouble or is unclear. Significant time at the spring retreat will be spend working on it. Please email your finished narrative to Pastor Rocky no later than Saturday, April 13th. 

Thank you for your courage in this journey.

Part 1: The Past

Talk about your life in faith before Confirmation.

Part 2: The Present

Describe your faith today, as Confirmation is ending.

Part 3: The Future

As best you can, describe the role you want faith to play in your life after Confirmation.