Vision Charter Academy

Board of Stewards Meeting

June 5th , 2018

Delta Campus, CO

**Approved Minutes**

These are the minutes of the Regular Board of Stewards Meeting of Vision Charter Academy authorized by Delta County School District 50J, held on June 5th, 2018, at the Delta Campus at 6:00 p.m.

Call to Order: Leann Jiron  called the meeting to order at 6:25  pm

Roll Call: BOS: Leann Jiron,  Tami Fancher,  David Jacobson

District Liaison: Delaine Hudson

Guest: Lezley Bond, Kalie Lindsay, Joyce Long,

Staff: Wes Bryant, Willyn Webb, Janelle Hollister, Michelle Baier, Caryn Braddy

Approval of the Agenda: Leann Jiron proposed to amend the agenda and move New Business up following Public Comment. Tami Fancher motioned to approve amended agenda. Seconded by David Jacobson, Unanimously approved.

Voice, Choice, Achieve:  Kindergarten teacher Cristen Chermak presented one of her students who had won for a calendar art contest. K-8 economic state standards provided the basis for the contest. For the Kindergarten category the standards were: What are their needs and wants. Miraposa Bermuthez worked really hard on her picture and did it 5 times and Cristen sent hers off. Her picture is one 14 (out of 500 entries) that will be featured for colorado economic literacy calendar.  They got a $50 check.

Public Comment:  N/A

New Business:        

Motined to vote on our North Fork Community Board Member Joyce Long. Motioned to approve by Tami Fancher, Seconded by David Jacobson. Unanimously Approved.

Motion to approve a stipend of $3,000 for Willyn Webb for summer meetings, projects, and events. Motioned by David Jacobson Seconded by Tami Fancher. Unanimously Approved.

Routine Business  Consent Agenda

Approval of Regular April Meeting Minutes:  

Approval of Amended (added Shelly Bryant as substitute) Personnel Report:

Approval of Expenditures:

Motion to approve consent agenda which includes: Meeting Minutes, Personnel Report, by Tami Fancher . Seconded by Joyce Long . Unanimously approved.

Motion to Approve expenditures by Tami Fancher. Seconded by Joyce Long. Unanimously approved.

Executive Director Report:  Willyn Webb stated that State Farm invited her to speak at a legislative event and that they will be giving a $500 donation to Food for Thought.  She stated that there were two additions to her report after it was shared.  Those were the scope and sequence for WOW next year and the note that went with the bonus ($49.67) to all staff for the school health grant initiative support.  No questions were asked.    Willyn Webb stated that she will try to continue to adjust her report to be a summary and that they are not required to read all of it or all links.  She said she had asked Leann if she should leave the links or not prior to submission.. Leann Jrion stated that the links are for stewards additional information and future reference if needed or desired.

Academic Services Report: Leann Jiron was excited about the GT report and the High School HQC team plan.

Business Department Report:  No Question were asked.

 Human Resources Report:  Leann Jrion stated that the Staff Separation report was great.  Willyn Webb stated that it was so good she thought it should be shared in a more broad way and they are going to work on that.  She thanked Michelle Baier for a job well done.

District Liaison Report:  Delanie Hudson stated that the district is going to Alpine Achievement next year as an update to her written report, which still said Frontline.

Committee Updates: 

Will rejoin in August.

The only committee that did meet was the School Accountability and the minutes were in the board packet.  Willyn Webb stated that it had been a very positive meeting.

TLCC report results: Willyn Webb stated that this report is anonymous survey and pointed out that our staff ranked high in staff development and student led education. An area we were low in was for new staff training effectiveness. This is an already identified need, which is being addressed through the onboarding plan developed by Michelle Baier.  Willyn Webb stated that we built in more time to help family staff relationships. Lean Jiron stated she was wondering about the rules for students being enforced in a consistent manner. Willyn Webb said that they will look at it and evaluate what needs to be changed.

Policy Updates:

Willyn Webb stated that additional language was added to the following policies. This did not require a vote because the intent of the policy remains the same.

CON201-add Mesa and Montrose and contracts

CON101-add elementary

Comments & Adjournment* 

Willyn Webb stated that resource guidelines now reflect an increase in museum entry fee allowances for families from $50 to $100. Willyn Webb also talked about some of the additional supports and resources being implemented for the upcoming school year to support the HQC path.. Leann Jiron asked about the summer events. Willyn Webb stated that there will be a sign up sent out for the board and staff.  Leann Jiron stated that the Highway Cleanup Event will be on September 28th from 10:00 am- 12 pm.

Lezley Bond and Kalie Lindsay intent will be reviewed for 30 days for their approval to be voted on at the August board meeting

Adjournment:  Tami Fancher motion to adjourn. Seconded by Joyce Long. Unanimously approved Meeting adjourned at 7:17pm.

Respectfully submitted

Wes Bryant