1 Eligibility        4

1.1 Definition        4

1.2 Player Eligibility        4

1.3 Additional Eligibility        4

2 Tournament Glossary & Common Terms        4

2.1 Game, Set, Match        4

3 Tournament Stages        4

3.2 Stage One        4

3.2.1 Tournament Format        4

3.2.2 Match Format        5

3.2.4 Stage One Progression        5

3.2.5 Score Reporting        5

3.3 Playoffs        5

3.3.1 Playoffs Format        5

3.3.2 Match Format        5

5 Custom Game Rules        5

5.1 In-Game Settings        5

5.2 Restrictions        6

5.3 Characters        6

5.4 Character Variations        6

6 Match Setup        6

6.1 Challonge        6

6.2 Online Game Procedure        6

6.3 Offline Game Procedure        6

6.3.1 Offline Side Selection        7

6.4 Breaks        7

6.5 Equipment        7

6.5.1 Equipment Restrictions        7

6.6 Coinflip Clarification        7

7 Bugs and Glitches        8

7.1 Rehosting        8

8 Title Specific Infractions        8

8.1 Failure to Attend        8

8.2 Using banned characters        9

8.2 Using Non-Tournament Variation        9

8.3 Not choosing random stage        9

8.4 Illegal Character Swap        9

8.5 Use of Bugs and Glitches        9

8.6 Rehosts        9

8.7 Not Allowing Opponent to Select Map        9

8.8 Unlisted Punishments        9


1 Eligibility

1.1 Definition

An Arena Rivals participant is a player that participates in any of the weekly tournaments in the Arena Rivals Season. With their participation, the participant states that he understands and accepts all rules.

1.2 Player Eligibility

Players must be aged 16 years or older in order to play in this tournament.

1.3 Additional Eligibility

Arena Rivals’s FIFA19 tournament will take place on PlayStation 4. All players should use their own PSN Account with PlayStation Plus.

Players may also register a second back up account, incase they are unable to access their main account for whatever reason during the tournament.

The account(s) submitted in the roster form must be used for the entire tournament.

If a player does not own a personal account on PSN then an Arena account may be available for use, however players should not count on these Arena accounts being available at all times.

2 Tournament Glossary & Common Terms

2.1 Game, Set, Match

Throughout this rulebook, and documentation relating to this tournament, the terms Game, Series, Set and Match will be used extensively – it’s important to familiarise yourself with these terms and how they are used in the context of the FIFA19 Youth Cup format to avoid potential confusion.

A game is classified as the most basic stage of the competition. A game consists of 1 In-Game Football Match in FIFA19.

A series is class as a collection of multiple games for example 3 games would be called a best-of-3 Series. An aggregate match of 2 games is referred to as a series.

A match or fixture is the pairing of two players against each other in a round of the tournament. It can be made up of multiple series.

3 Tournament Stages

3.2 Stage One

3.2.1 Tournament Format

Swiss pairings are used for Stage One of the FIFA19 Arena Rivals tournament. On each week, all participants that have registered for that day’s tournament are placed in a swiss pod. The number of rounds is based on attendance as follows:

Players earn 3 tournament points for each swiss round they win. If a player finishes a weekly tournament with no wins, they will receive 1 tournament point.

A bye is worth 3 tournament points.

3.2.2 Match Format

Players will compete in a Best of 3 (Bo3) series of first to 2 round games.

3.2.4 Stage One Progression

At the end of Stage One, the top 8 players based on tournament points will continue to the playoff stage.

If players are tied for 8th place, a Bo1 single elimination bracket will be made to decide who progresses to the playoff stage.

3.2.5 Score Reporting

All Scores are reported on

Admins are responsible for logging details of each game their player(s) win, and checking the result of games their player(s) lose.

3.3 Playoffs

3.3.1 Playoffs Format

The top 16 players from Stage One are placed into a double elimination bracket. This will include a 3rd place playoff.

3.3.2 Match Format

The same match format as the group stage will be used during the playoff, except for the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals will be a Best of 5 series of first to 2 round games, rather than Best of 3.

6 Match Setup

6.1 Challonge

Each player is required to sign up to the tournament on using their PSN as a display name, with the arena they are playing from in brackets, eg. FIFAplayer11(Portsmouth).

Each round the host invites their opponent using the PSN provided.

6.2 Online Game Procedure

The following steps outline the process of playing a Match.

6.3 Breaks

After each game a player may take a maximum of two minutes to join the next game.

6.4 Equipment

Players are provided with a full setup of hardware and peripherals to use during the tournament.

Players have the option of using their own peripherals during each match. Player-owned equipment must be compatible with Belong-provided competition equipment. Belong is not responsible for ensuring Player-owned equipment is in working condition. Belong

reserves the right to inspect all Player-Owned equipment to ensure compliance with Youth Cup rules.

7 Bugs and Glitches

It is up to the tournament administration discretion whether the use of said bugs had an effect on the match, and what penalty they will incur. Admins should pause the game and report these to the representative as soon as possible.

7.1 Rehosting

Rehost rules are specified below, including the conditions in which they will be allowed:

Each Player can receive up to 1 rehost per series maximum.

In case the above conditions are met, players should instantly request a rehost to their Arena Admin, followed by the reason. Arena Admins must immediately inform their opponents Admin. Players should continue playing until the rehost is confirmed by an Arena Admin. Once confirmed, everyone should instantly end the game.

If a match is interrupted for any reason then it should be continued where it left off, by re-host. If a game is to be replayed due to a rehost, players must choose the teams, formation and will be resumed at the remaining time and the current score.

7.2 Connection Issues

If players are unable to connect to a game within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, that game will be declared a draw. Both players will receive one tournament point.

8 Title Specific Infractions

Definitions for all penalties can be found in the Youth Cup Infractions and Penalties Guide.

8.1 Score Clarification

If a Game is forfeited, or a Game Loss is issued, the game will be scored 3-0 to the opponent, regardless of the current score in game.

If a Series is forfeited, or a Series Loss is Issued, the series will be scored 6-0 to the opponent, regardless of the current score in game.

8.2 Failure to Attend         

Penalty: Game Loss

Players must be ready to play at the start of each scheduled round.

Up to 5 minutes may be used if difficulties occur in regard to getting players in-game. If it is likely a player is either going to be late or miss the scheduled start time, then the arena staff must report the fact to their player’s opponent’s Admin.

If a fixture has not started 10 mins after the scheduled start time due to a player not being in attendance on time, then they will receive a Match Loss.

In the case of technical issues, the representative will decide and relay the decision to each tribe. Players will not be forced to forfeit any games due to technical issues.

8.4 Using Training Consumables         

Penalty: Game Loss

Players are not allowed to use training consumables in Youth Cup matches. Any player found using a training consumable on his squad will receive a Game Loss

8.5 Custom Formations         

Penalty: Warning

Players are not allowed to use custom formations in Youth Cup matches. If a player uses a custom formation, they will receive a Warning. A second warning of this type will be upgraded to a Game Loss

8.6 Use of Bugs and Glitches         

Penalty: Series Loss

Any player found using a Bug or Glitch to gain a competitive advantage will receive a Series Loss.

8.7 Rehosts        

Penalty: Game Loss

Giving an invalid reason for a rehost, or leaving the match before having approval to do so will lead to instant game loss to the player that uses it.

8.8 Leaving a Game                

Penalty: Warning

If a player leaves a game voluntarily before the final whistle, they will receive a warning. Additionally, 3 goals will be awarded to their opponent, these will be added to their opponents’ current goals, regardless of current score and match time.

8.9 Using another player's account        

Penalty: Disqualification

If a player is found to be using an account which they do not own to compete in the tournament they will be given an immediate disqualification and the account will be reported to EA for breaking terms of service.

8.10 Unlisted Punishments

If an admin or player believes a rule has been broken and there is no assigned punishment for it, they must contact the representative as soon as possible with details and evidence. The representative will judge the case and assign a punishment if required