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77.2 Focus
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77.2 Focus

Day 2 is always the toughest.

73. I need to create and/or update the about pages for my core blogs.

74. I wonder in my old age if I should learn classical Greek.

75. I need to visit each of my blogs daily to make sure nothing is missing.  I need to revisit about pages and gdpr.

76. I need to go into Pretty Darn Healthy and make changes, or clone it in another domain.

77. My new software to create fantastic pdfs will set me apart.  Daily Stoic is using this to send out longer articles.  I can see this being a great solution for me.  In my daily 3,000+ words, I can keep everything raw and in short paragraphs.  Then I grab a pdf template and create a great looking ebook.

78. Time to use my domain emails for all business.  I know it’s a lot, but it looks better to the visitor.

79. For affiliate marketing, I want to promote products on Clickbank.  They pay better.  And the competition on JVZoo is too intense.

80. No matter how others get pissed off, I have to work harder on 77 than at any time in my life, including physical exercise.


82. One thing I can do to help the vegan cause is to become an expert on whole food vegan snacks and the best tasting protein powders.  People say we don’t need extra protein, and that’s probably true, but as IBMs*, we are losing muscle mass.  I need to test for myself how the supplements work for me.  And I am up for any number of new snack ideas.  Great idea for a colorful ebook.

83. Using my raw handwritten notes as a first draft is definitely the way to go.  I walked to the gym yesterday and got rained on.  Better not to carry the computer.  Also, when I finally enter the notes, I expand and put in personal info.

84. Past shortfalls are caused by not knowing that your thoughts have consequences for vital that you use them to create your own reality.  This is a core concept behind ho’oponopono and cleansing yourself and those you love.  I make it a part of my daily walking meditations.  And, silly as it seems, deep breathing on those walks.  I’m not sure when I forgot how to breathe.

85. We don’t have to settle for our present reality, though seeing an escape hatch is often difficult.  I am a prisoner partly of my own making due to family issues we have yet to resolve.  77 days is designed to break me free in only 11 weeks.  I am checked out already, and my mother needs others to take over or better yet, a nursing home.

86. I must focus my attention on what I want instead of obsessing over problems.  Remember to keep your vision uppermost in your mind.

87. Until you adopt a vision (mine is iPT) and a new way to see reality, changes will be hit or miss.  Most will be abandoned at the first hint of difficulty.

88. Even though my plan is a short 77 days, I will not be the same person when I get to the end of it.  Bank on it.

89. If the #metoo SJWs had been around when I was young, I would have suffered the death penalty by now.  God we were arrogant assholes.  At least I was.

90. Experiences only count if you remember them.  It’s disturbing how many memories well up in times of stress.  Usually negative memories.  Without memory, the experience is valueless.  If all memories are lost when you die, how valuable is it to carry them around?  Instead of reliving the past, even positive memories, why don’t we concentrate on creating new experiences?

91. We all believe our memories are true, like watching a movie.  Hardly.  Memories are frequently mistaken, off, and fabricated.  How many times have you reviewed a past event with a friend who was there, and it seems like two different events?  We tend to overvalue memory and undervalue experience.  Mindfulness is all the rage.  This is just a remake of the 60s counterculture of “being in the moment”.  We get stupid advice like live every day as if it were your last.  Dumb.  You might quit your job, leave your spouse, and dispatch your enemies to the afterlife.  Planning for the future is part of the good life.  You want to avoid dangers and get closer to your vision.  

92. Our brains juggle 3 layers of time - past, present, future.  You decide where to focus.  Do you live in the past?  Sometimes.  But once you have your future vision, live like a Stoic in the present.  The only time that exists is the present.  Stop thinking about experiences as periodic deposits into your memory bank.  When you die, you account will be closed, with a zero balance.

93. For IBMs*, one of the hardest things to do is go to the gym and workout.  Why?  Progress is slower than ever in our lives.  We don’t see results right away.  So maybe our workout routines are not working and never will work.  And I don’t have enough time left on this earth to pursue goals that can’t be realized.  

94. I find this problem with dental care.  I know I should brush and floss 2x per day.  I am about to have some major work done.  And yet I stumble.  Maybe I floss 1x per day.  Maybe not at all.  Why?  Results are slow to show themselves, and the penalty for failure is pushed down the road.

95. What matters most in self-improvement are the tiny, monotonous daily tasks like flossing your teeth, walking after meals, and maybe doing planks while watching TV.

96. McDonald’s had coffee in October for $1 - any size.  I miss it.  I prefer their coffee to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.  Coffee is my new mainstay, and I drink more of it at home as I attempt to ritualize my early to bed and 3:33 am start on the day.  The early morning is when I get things done.  Unless I have an appointment downtown, I need to use these hours from 3:33 to 10:00 to essentially get all of my writing done and posted in my main files.  Also, making my own pot of coffee early will keep costs down for my vegan ebook on cheap plant based living.

97. Most people don’t love their jobs.  I don’t know which jobs I have actually loved.  Even as a Foreign Service Officer - Diplomat - I liked the work, and especially the status and prestige.  But unlike diplomats before Henry Kissinger’s shuttle diplomacy, most diplomats are clerks.  Some issue visas.  Some write reports that are like yesterday’s news in an era of 24 hour cable.  Every smartphone on the planet works better than the old red phone hotline.  Even good jobs in government are rife with bureaucratic bullshit.

98. My goal is to create a WS lifestyle that I can teach to older women and single moms abroad who need an income free of men - abusive men - and family constraints.  How I can create this atmosphere where we become one is a primary goal.  This could be the way to make them MOBs by giving them independence first.  I need to find out what these ladies will need to love being a part of TRAS.  Money.  Compliments.  English lessons.  Private help.  Group activities.  I need to ask questions locally as I test the system here, maybe at a women’s shelter, and maybe with small businesses who have slow times and need extra income.

99. I have to create the right environment for women abroad to want to come to work for TRAS.  Could it be an apartment with good wifi where they could bring young children to work?  Should we provide all meals they can make themselves?  Do we make it a place where they are not sexually harassed?

100. I think I want to create the base articles to spin and promote, and start by hiring assistants to promote my products.  I can give them a choice overtime to begin their own affiliate marketing as long as they are honest about the time they give me.

101. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

102. While I like exploring Jacksonville via JTA, it’s time consuming.  It’s okay if I have my writing done, but otherwise it just takes a long time to go from point A to B.  It’s a 40 minute walk to the bus stop, and an hour to get downtown.  If I go the beach, it requires a transfer and about 2.5 hours including the walk.  One thing I do notice on buses is the tired working poor.  The men are thin and messy, and the women overweight and sloppy.  I hope I don’t fit in too well.

103. I’m so out of shape that even the walk to the gym hurts, especially my back.  When I used to walk my niece’s undisciplined dog to the park in the same area, the pulling and tugging strengthened my muscles without workouts.

104. Some people see what they want.  Some people see the obstacles to what they want.  As I get older, the obstacles look bigger, and covered with barbed wire, and on fire.  You can go after whatever you want.  You just can’t obstruct others from getting what they want.  You don’t have to wait in line.  You don’t have to do things the way they have always been done.  You can do it your way and follow your own path.

105. Sometimes, you’re the problem.  I have trouble getting out of my own way.  Tethering myself to the computer 6 to 12 hours a day is harder than it used to be even when I have a reward in mind at the end of 77 days.  It’s tough sticking to the schedule when the results are small each day.  And sometimes hard to measure.  For affiliate marketing, all I really need to track is traffic and sales.

106. I can take responsibility for my current lack of income even though I am stuck at home as an unpaid caregiver.  Unwilling at that.  I am using this situation to invent an AAI income that will take me abroad.  I will take credit for creating this system as long as I can take responsibility for the mistakes and failures, and document both as they happen.  These daily pages are a way to document everything.

107. Walking as soon as feasible after knocking out 3,000+ words should be part of my routine.  The longer I wait to walk to the gym, the less likely it is to happen.

108.  I will save eating breakfast until after going to the gym.

109. I find myself complaining about what others in the house are doing or not doing.  The solution is to not mentally judge but to get out of here.

110. When you change the way you look at things, the things you observe change.

111. Among the homeless and working poor, of which there are many in Jacksonville, the guys are thin or in shape.  Maybe they work labor intensive jobs.  Maybe they drink their meals.  Either way, the woman are 90% obese or overweight.  Floppy arms.  Extended bellies.  We are a fat ass nation.

112. Writing and spinning articles that link to my ebooks or affiliate products is more copywriting than gurus lead you to believe.  It has to be short, grab attention, and get the click.

113. All posts should encourage visitors to sign up for an email, get a free product, or buy something.  There are no magic pick lines.  Not here.  Not in PUA.

114. The secret to great copywriting is to know your customer and to know what he wants.  I said he on purpose.  My focus is on IBMs*.

115.  For your website, you want to create reader-centric copy and content.  To become an authority in your niche, you have to attract repeat visitors who value your content.  Trying to sell too soon is like asking a girl you met at the bar to get married before you even bought her a drink.

116. Web copy needs to be short and to the point.  My daily pages are loose.  When I extract portions to post online, the editing begins.  This is where you also do your research.  You fact check any allegations and add to your post by researching relevant claims.  There is no need to research in advance.  It wastes time.  You’re not taking a test and don’t know what questions the teacher will ask.  You only want to be accurate with the facts you present.

117. Who are the IBMs*?

118. Walkabout Solopreneur is a special kind of side hustle:

119. Make each step it’s own chkline that gets combined into an ebook.  If I use the new colorful templates, I will make sure each one is linked to from a master WS plan that I sell or actually give away in a membership site.

120. To master WS, you have to learn what works for you, do, repeat, and then outsource or automate.

121. One advantage of riding the bus around town is getting time to think.  I don’t know why we feel compelled to fill up our days with endless productivity.  I long for the old days of wandering around the Philippines with no schedule except to chase ass and drink beer.

122. Days are warm and cool, back and forth.

123. I still haven’t gone for the water fast yet.  I will stick to soup and some canned vegetables for now.  I need to see if I can keep it under control.

124. I may need to go on a water/coffee fast to kill diabetes. After that, it will be soup and roasted vegetables.  Meds are still in the picture until I get this under control.

125. Even though I have been vegan for over 6 months, animal rights are a different issue.  I don’t have that radical mindset yet.  I don’t like the term “rights” for people or animals, but maybe animals deserve them more.  Natural rights.  The right to live.

126. Animal rights are more of a Buddhist idea.  Buddhists are all over the place in regards to eating animals.  To thrive, we could all tap into our inner Buddhas.

127. I will have my 3rd meeting with the nutritionist on the 29th.  Things are getting better, and a visit after Thanksgiving is okay.  I don’t know how much it helps, but it doesn’t hurt.  I just wish I could make the Starch Solution work for me.

128. As I get my blood sugar under control, my vision problems are cropping up.  I plan to drive only once a week or so now that my nephew is back.

129. McDonald’s must be having trouble getting and keeping staff.  They are supposed to open for dine-in at 6:00 am, but none of them do.  God, even the homeless people complain.  Employees are not like when we were young and had to be on time for everything.  Now, these stores have drive-ins open 24/7, so the cooks and servers are there.  McDonald’s may have some rules about a minimum number of workers present before the doors are allowed to open.  I don’t know.  No wonder the company is working on advanced robots to replace even more unreliable employees.  I would not be surprised to see a robot barista that only takes credit cards.  They are also developing robots to cook burgers.

130. As far as I know, some airports may already have a robotic barista in a standalone booth.  I hear it’s popular.

131. I need to set up my rituals checklist now that I’m getting up early.

132. Look for forums and groups that give advice for boomer men.  I need to get some stores set up even though the big money is elsewhere.  

133. AI:  The Many Flavors of Vegans

134. AI:  Fit Over/Wear Over Sunglasses

135. One side venture may be to see what government and charitable programs are available for old farts.

136. I find it harder and harder to exercise and to maintain intensity for affiliate marketing.  Rebuilding my sites is slow going.

137. I need to look for PUA and ED sites to promote.

138. Create new affiliate accounts using tras2024 as the user name.

139. As much as I don’t want to, I need to master promoting my blogs from an Android phone.

140. Look for CPA adult offers for IBM.

~ Chaz

Daily Writing System:

  1. New blank document in Google Docs.
  2. Number each paragraph.
  3. Continue the numbering for 77 days.
  4. Create paragraphs that could be part of morning pages.
  5. Use handwritten notes to create paragraphs.
  6. If you underline passages in books you own, write your own notes paragraphs.
  7. If you find a good article online, take notes and rewrite relevant passages.
  8. I take notes and rewrite portions of Kindle ebooks on Kindle Unlimited.
  9. Listen to YouTube videos.  Stop and take notes.  Save the embed link.  Create a post with the video and your notes.
  10. In the daily file, when finished, go back and insert any images, links, or affiliate links that make sense.
  11. Publish on Google.
  12. On your site, create a link to each of these 77 pages you will create.  I use the sidebar.
  13. Extract the best paragraphs to create posts and articles.  May happen over multiple days.