Tairangi School Policy – Core Documents Policy

CORE DOCUMENTS                                                NAG 1 Curriculum

        NAG 2 Self Review


The school core documents have been developed to achieve a shared direction for the school.


To recognise the school’s obligations to its core documents.


  1. The core documents of Tairangi School include:
  1. Copies of the Core Documents and Staff Manual are given to every staff member.  They are expected to be displayed in each classroom or work area.
  2. The values and expectations expressed in the documents will be actively practiced by all staff.
  3. Syndicates are expected to regularly discuss the content of the core documents and reflect these discussions in syndicate minutes and syndicate reflections.
  4. Any recommendations to change these documents made by individuals or syndicates will require consultation with the full staff (see Community Partnership Policy for definition of consultation).


The content of the school’s Core Documents will be reflected in the operation of the school.

File:coredocs.doc         Core Documents Policy