Ready Schools Grant Update Spencer-Owen Community School Corporation

March 1, 2019Kris Samick District Readiness Coordinator (812) 829-2233, Ext. 217

Please feel free to contact me or any of the Design Team members if you have questions!

Current Phase: Ideation

What’s Next?

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who

As a corporation, will also be discussing the contributed suggestions to our “How Might

characteristics that a graduate from our We...?” questions that were posted in all of our

corporation should possess and what that looks buildings the past two weeks. I have attached

like scaled down to the early grades. Building the combined suggestions to the email with this

principals will soon be sharing (or might have newsletter. Please look over them and let me

already) a survey with all staff members to rank know if we are missing anything. Remember,

the importance of certain characteristics that all this is our chance to make transformational

graduates need to be successful. changes to our school!

I’d also like to give a SHOUT OUT to our hard- The Design Team and Education Work Force

working Design Team and EWAT members who Advisory Team members met last night to begin

have put in countless hours to represent the looking at which suggestions held promise and

hopes and wishes of our students, staff, and how they fit into the existing educational system.

community! Please be sure to thank them for We will continue to look at ideas that need

representing your building. They are amazing! developed further to become possible innovative solutions.

How might we provide career awareness in a K-12 framework for our students to receive the necessary prerequisite skills so that they can experience post-secondary success?

How might we provide more personalized learning for students in order to complete school expectations so that students can be successful in their post-secondary goals?

How might we provide relevant, engaging, and hands-on learning experiences for students?

How might we create an inviting physical space so students can have a positive learning experience?

How might we ensure that our staff has a positive, professional, and supportive climate and also provide collaboration opportunities so that they can grow in their craft?