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Chicago, IL

David Rovani

Passions and Motivators

Even before experience, proficiencies, or technical knowledge, I put forward my passions and motivators as the key to understanding why I excel at what I do. I get excited about people who want to learn, grow, and be challenged; I want to be their teacher and mentor. I love the thrill of solving difficult conundrums by conceptualizing unique and innovative solutions. I work hard to find the root cause of a problem, be it a failure of programming, processes, or people; and I stand out in my skills at finding the path toward continued and lasting success. Monotonous or repetitive tasks present their own challenges that motivate me to create automations and root out inefficiencies. Experimenting and exploring with new and creative technologies and products keeps me enthralled with the application development and developer operations space.

Proficiencies & Technical Knowledge

  • Microsoft development environment – C#, MSSQL, .NET Framework, .NET core, Visual Studio
  • Azure DevOps – Boards, Project Planning, Backlog item tracking, Repos, Pipelines, CI/CD
  • Cloud-First Development - Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, App Services, Storage and Queues, AD B2C Tenants, Key Vault, Application Insights
  • SCRUM, Agile, Waterfall methodologies
  • Avid user of OneNote, Trello, LinqPad, Teams, Word, Excel, Outlook

Experience and Responsibilities

Director of Information Services

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is a global non-profit with offices in Chicago, Toronto, Brazil, South Korea, and Jerusalem providing humanitarian work in the eastern Mediterranean and former Soviet Union areas of the world.

November 2012 - present

Management of Developer Operations

  • Plan, assign, and direct the activities of the technical personnel involved in the design, development, and implementation of the internal Donor Relationship Management software and extensive supporting internal processes.
  • Set and implement policies and procedures related to application quality standards, automated testing, and release management.
  • Manage routine and complicated projects by actively listening, probing and interacting with end users to deliver desired results.
  • Oversee interactions with technical personnel of external vendors and consultants.

Management of Data Integrity Team

  • Plan, assign, and direct the activities of the technical personnel responsible for ensuring the security, integrity, performance, and administration of database servers.
  • Set and implement policies and procedures related to the stewardship, accuracy, and timely delivery of data between internal and external systems and between departments.

Departmental Management

  • Develop and implement IS strategic vision that aligns with the mission and vision of IFCJ. Provide consultative advice to business unit leaders on IS best practices to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of business processes.
  • Manage the career and technical skill development of all direct and indirect reports that will enable them to provide effective support to the organization.
  • Guide and mentor the IS team to ensure staff is appropriately trained, motivated and engaged. Effectively manage and direct IS staff to ensure accurate and timely delivery of services.
  • Keep abreast of new and emerging technological advances in systems, frameworks, and vendor product offerings to ensure the department is using the most cost-effective, secure solutions to issues and problems.

Initial position at IFCJ was as a Senior .NET Developer, then after a year was promoted to .NET Developer Team Lead. Two years later, promoted to Manager of Application Development.

Application Development Practice Manager

Falkor Group is an IT consulting firm specializing in providing managed services, infrastructure support, and applications development for small to mid-sized businesses.

May 2006 – November 2012

Beginning as a junior developer my initial responsibilities consisted of working within a group of developers collaborating on joint projects. From there I was able to transition from small solo assignments to leading teams of junior developers on larger projects, and within two years had assumed management of the Application Development practice, overseeing a team of five full-time employees and several contractors.

Projects Included:

  • Lead Developer on a three year project to convert a large website from classic ASP to ASP.NET Web Forms to support retail franchises for an international tire corporation with product ordering, event scheduling, and to act as an informational hub between the franchises and corporate.
  • Developer on a project to analyze and document the business processes for a large humanitarian non-profit, and recommend application solutions to transition their donor management software away from a closed-source Windows forms application.
  • Lead Developer on the project to implement the replacement solution for the same large humanitarian non-profit, which included migrating to a new open source platform, and recreating customized business logic in the new system.
  • Lead Developer during ongoing maintenance and enhancement projects, also for the same non-profit.
  • Sole developer creating a small internal website to aid a rental property management company with data storage, replacing a ten-year-old Access database.
  • Created a fully customized internal application for a small community advocacy non-profit on the Chicago south side to manage their client caseload. This replaced an entirely paper-driven workflow with a managed electronic process.

Additional Work Experience

Best Buy (May 2004 - May 2006), Geek Squad “Double Agent”

  • On-premise technical support for home and small businesses.
  • Diagnose and solve problems with home networking, Windows computers, and printers; and provide user training.
  • Required a significant amount of in-person customer support and working with both the central dispatch and local Best Buy employees to ensure that customer needs and expectations were always met.

University of Evansville, class of 2004

  • Received both a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Computer Engineering.
  • Resident Assistant (RA), 2 years
  • Leadership Academy, President
  • Resident Student Association, National Ambassador
  • Student Government Association, Resident Hall Senator

Additional Interests and Activities

  • Avid cook, handyman, reader, and runner.
  • Currently learning Italian.
  • Recovered World of Warcraft addict.

References available upon request