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ADC-IARPC Semantics WG 2018-04-17

ADC-IARPC Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes


April 17, 2018 17:00 UTC


Topic: ADC-IARPC Semantics WG

Time: Apr 17, 2018 11:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Preliminary agenda (and minutes)

  1. Round table (who is attending)
  1. Ruth Duerr
  2. Peter Pulsifer
  3. William Manley
  4. Allison Gaylord
  5. Pier Luigi Buttigieg
  6. Siri Jodha Khalsa
  1. Adoption of agenda
  1. Agenda adopted with removal of Item 4.
  1. Review of minutes of previous meeting
  1. Minutes from 2018-02-20 have been published
  2. Review of minutes from 2018-04-03
  1. Review document prepared by David Baker following comments during the last meeting.
  1. Agree to rescope document and revisit during a future meeting.
  1. Status of circulation of the Google form for collecting information on information resources.
  1. What is the status of the introduction and email circulation?
  2. Make a decision on whether this is circulated as is or need further work.
  3. Note:  Following draft of an e-mail by Pulsifer to introduce the form to the community, the suggestion was made to add one or fields that capture metadata about: i) creator(s) of the resource; ii) a citable reference.  The group agreed that adding these fields would be valuable.  Suggested and all agreed on:  Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Phone, Contact Role Contact Institution, ORCID.
  4. ACTION:  RD will review this proto-profile/survey against the GEOSS service description metadata
  1. Awareness updates (roundtable)
  1. R. Duerr submitted report on cryospheric terminology to WMO/GCW.  The report is currently under review and will be published in some form in the future.  Additional work was done to compare the terms to existing ontologies such as SWEET, GCMD, Geoscience etc..  Recommendations on how to make these resources more compatible (e.g. adding GCW terms to SWEET, ENVO etc.).
  2. R. Duerr reported on glaciological hackathon about a month ago to develop glaciological ontology that could connect to hydrological ontology.
  3. P. Pulsifer reported on Polar Data Planning Summit.  The summit will use use cases to guide discussion and planning.  Each use case will include and benefit from discussion on semantics
  4. SJ. Khalsa.  Engaging in an IEEE group focused on polar regions.  Also interesting potential linkages to NEON.  Peter will contact Hank Loescher <> and with invite to Polar Data Planning Summit. Pier noted that Christine Laney is the contact for data science. NEON asked us over at ENVO to provide some semantics for national land cover classifications:
  5. A. Gaylord updated on work that they are doing on specific work being done to document observations and generate vocabulaires.  Specifically, Definition for “Collection Type”:  A short description of the site, instrument used, or measurement taken such as borehole, ecosystem plot, sea ice thickness, stream gauge, etc., with multiple types separated by commas if needed.  Pier also noted that ENVO has a term for borehole so could possibly help here as well (e.g. for borehole:
  6. SJ. Khalsa Reference YOPP and vocabulary work being done there with respect to specific terms and observables (e.g. difference between in-situ and remote sensing). Some discussion of extending CF standards. Good potential linkages to “Geosciences” ontology.  He will share info on Slack. Pier noted that ENVO is working to get a handle on parsing these standards into the OBO semantic stack:
  1. Next meeting
  1. Agreed to do the third Tuesday of the month, at 17:00 UTC (changed from 18:00 UTC as DST has been introduced).
  2. Next meeting will be May 15th, 2018 17:00 UTC (11:00 MDT and 19:00 CEST)